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The largest solar park in Europe will go into operation in 2023


In the coming year, the largest solar park in all of Europe will be built in western Romania. The Czech energy company Rezolv Energy wants to connect more than 1.6 million solar panels with each other. The system will then supply more than 370,000 households with electricity.

Sustainable energy sources are still on the rise. Because the Ukraine war shows how dependent we are on energy imports. But since then a rethink has set in. Many European countries are massively expanding their capacities in the wind and solar sectors.

While there are always bureaucratic hurdles in the way in Germany, things are currently looking very different in western Romania. The largest solar park in Europe is to be built there in the near future. Germany holds the previous record with a system that has an output of around 187 megawatts. The solar park in Romania, on the other hand, is said to have five times the capacity.

The largest solar park in Europe is being built in Romania

The Czech energy group Rezolv Energy wants to build the plant not far from the city of Arad in western Romania. The entire project not only brings 500 new jobs, 30 of which are permanent, but also a new record in energy production.

Because a total of 1.6 million solar modules should achieve a total output of 1,044 megawatts. That would be enough to provide enough energy for more than 370,000 households per year. In terms of power generation, the plant has an output of 1.5 million megawatt hours.

Completion planned for the first half of 2023

The facility is expected to be completed in the first half of 2023. In addition to the sustainable generation of energy, operation in interaction with the environment is also a priority. For example, a bee farm is set up on the site. Further species protection measures are to follow.

Europe is thus taking an important step in the direction of a self-sufficient, sustainable power supply. And not Romania will benefit from the project. Because higher capacities in Europe also enable other countries to buy green energy from abroad.

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Source: https://www.basicthinking.de/blog/2022/11/15/groesster-solarpark-europas-rumaenien/

SAP Human Capital Management | Personnel management digital


SAP Human Capital Management is a comprehensive solution for digitizing and automating HR processes. With it, companies can tackle HR challenges such as demographic change and the shortage of skilled workers and meet the growing demands of employees.

What is SAP HCM?

SAP ERP HCM is an on-premise solution from SAP for Digitization of HR from companies. The system collects data from all HR areas and helps to make operational and strategic decisions based on reliable information. The integrated HR management system from SAP HCM can map the entire employee cycle with various modules.

SAP Human Capital Management helps companies digitize and automate their HR.

The big advantage is that the modules, such as organizational management and e-recruiting, are logically linked. Alternatively, all SAP HCM modules can also be used individually. There are also Hybrid solutions from on-premise and cloud possible. For example, payroll accounting can be done on-premise (on your own server), while recruiting and talent management can be done in the cloud with SAP SuccessFactors.

Benefits and advantages of SAP HCM

The administration effort in human resources is comparatively high. At the same time, strategic tasks such as personnel recruitment, retention and development are increasing. SAP HCM helps with that Digitization and automation of personnel processes, so that employees can focus more on strategically important tasks. SAP Human Capital Management offers the following advantages:

  • map all personnel processes centrally
  • Maintain personnel master data centrally
  • find suitable talents more quickly and easily
  • retain employees over the long term
  • Ensure strategy and goal alignment of the company
  • comprehensive reporting options

Ultimately, the focus of the software is to help companies Simplification and shortening of personnel processes to help. Examples include digital vacation requests and the partial automation of payroll accounting.

SAP HCM modules

The SAP HCM Suite consists of numerous modules and sub-modules. At this point, we present what we consider to be the relevant components with which companies can successfully digitally map their human resources and make them future-proof.

SAP HCM: Personnel Administration (PA-PA)

The personnel administration module is the central component of SAP HCM personnel management and also the basis for using other modules such as payroll accounting. With the personnel administration is one Efficient collection and maintenance of employee data such as name, address and personnel number.

Graphics: SAP ERP HCM Personnel Administration V2

It provides standard reports for a flexible evaluation of personnel data and supports personnel cost planning and staffing of positions with personnel master records.

SAP HCM: Organisationsmanagement (OM)

With organizational management, the functional organizational structure of companies and the reporting structure can be mapped and analyzed in order to Carry out personnel requirements and personnel cost planning.

Graphic: SAP ERP HCM organizational management

It offers a high degree of integration with other SAP HCM components, so the organizational management reporting structure forms the basis for workflow management. In addition, the simulation of possible new structures is possible by designing additional organizational structures as planning scenarios.

SAP HCM: Personalabrechnung (PY)

Payroll accounting not only has to meet company-internal peculiarities, but also legal requirements. The module maps these correctly, so that a Payroll accounting according to the individual and legal regulations can be created. Many best-practice use cases are already included in the standard, making it easy to get started.

SAP HCM: E-Recruiting (PA-ER)

The e-recruiting component digitizes the recruitment process and covers all processes: from planning and budgeting to the search and hiring of employees. Communication with applicants can be partially automated, giving HR managers more time for other tasks. In addition, e-recruiting also supports the Development and long-term retention of employees.

SAP HCM: Personnel Cost Planning and Simulation (PA-CP)

With the personnel cost planning module, companies can plan the development of employee wages and salaries as well as ancillary personnel costs on the basis of comprehensive and realistic data. In addition, different Simulate planning scenarios with different assumptionsto analyze the impact. The planning data generated in personnel cost planning can also be used in subsequent processes, for example for overall company planning in controlling.

SAP HCM: Time Management (PT)

Personnel time management is used for the flexible display and recording of working times as well as the digital application and approval of absences.

Graphic: SAP ERP HCM Personnel Time Management

The module enables an evaluation of the working hours taking into account legal, individual, company and collective working time regulations. Employees can view time information such as their personal time account via self-service, which relieves the HR department.

SAP HCM: Personnel Development (PD)

The HR development module from SAP HCM helps companies Recognizing employee potential in order to promote and use it in a targeted manner. Since the current status of employee qualifications can be evaluated at any time, vacant positions can be filled quickly and optimally with internal employees. Talent management also supports career and succession planning.

SAP HCM: Training and Event Management (PD)

The event management is for the Planning, implementation and management of events such as further training measures for employees or corporate events. It has numerous interfaces to other components of SAP HCM such as organization management, personnel administration or personnel development. In the event of changes, for example a new qualification as part of further training, these are entered directly in the personnel master data.

SAP ERP HCM ESS/MSS (Employee/Manager Self-Services)

With the web-based employee and manager self-services from SAP HCM, employees and managers can take on administrative tasks themselves – via mobile apps from any device. This relieves the HR department and accelerates work processes such as creating and processing vacation requests or the updating of personnel master data. The involvement and encouragement of self-organization also increase employee satisfaction.

SAP HXM compared to SAP HCM

SAP has now largely replaced the term HCM in its HR products and henceforth calls them HXM (English for Human Experience Management). With the renaming of the product name, SAP is pursuing a new approach. Classic HCM primarily collects quantitative data. For example, the number of terminations can be measured, but the reason for termination is not recorded. SAP Human Experience Management on the other hand, also collects qualitative data such as empirical data, so that the reason for termination can be raised. SAP HXM should not be understood as a completely new product, but rather as a further development of SAP HCM geared towards end users. It should include the needs and motivation of the employees more and create an appealing employee experience.

How to migrate SAP HCM to S/4HANA?

If a company decides to migrate to SAP S/4HANA, it can only use SAP Human Capital Management with the help of compatibility packs. The new solution SAP Human Capital Management for SAP S/4HANA (SAP H4S4) is an alternative gradual transition from on-premise products to the cloud. SAP H4S4 is fully integrated into the SAP HANA suite and has extensive functionalities in personnel time management and payroll accounting, which will not be available in the SAP SuccessFactors modules for the foreseeable future. There will be no way around this cloud-based HCM solution from SAP in the long term, as SAP’s strategic focus is clearly on cloud use.

Future of HCM: SAP SuccessFactors

The cloud-based SAP SuccessFactors is already offered in parallel with SAP ERP HCM. SAP SuccessFactors offers almost the same functions as SAP HCM, but in some cases more developed and for the Cloud optimized shape. As a cloud solution, the HR software can be accessed from anywhere and offers a user-friendly interface that adapts to the respective end device. Like the on-premise solution, it consists of various components that map the employee lifecycle. The cloud solution supports HR managers, among other things, in recruiting new talent, with onboarding and personnel development through central and structured learning management.


The HCM solution from SAP is a comprehensive tool that HR departments can use master current challenges such as the shortage of skilled workers be able. Thanks to the modular structure, customers only pay for the modules that are actually required. The cloud-based SAP SuccessFactors has already succeeded SAP Human Capital Management and offers a high degree of future security. Companies that are still on-premise and cannot switch to the cloud for the time being will receive a strong interim solution with SAP H4S4, which they can use until at least 2040.

HR challenges such as the shortage of skilled workers can be met with SAP HCM and in particular with the successor solution SuccessFactors. The HR products from SAP enable digitization and automation of personnel processes, intelligent recruiting and talent management and better collaboration thanks to social and mobile ERP. Under the “Analytics” flag, flexible reports and forecasts can also be generated, which can significantly optimize strategic decisions in human resources.

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With CONET HCM consulting, you benefit from our many years of experience in the HCM field with numerous well-known and satisfied customers.

Our SAP HCM services

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Founder Jeff Bezos wants to donate most of his fortune


Amazon founder Jeff Bezos wants to donate most of his fortune. Among other things, he wants to use the money to support the fight against climate change. So far, however, Bezos has not been known for his social commitment.

His ex-wife did it in 2019, and now Jeff Bezos is apparently following suit: the founder of Amazon said in an interview with the CNNthat he wanted to give most of his wealth away.

Jeff Bezos plans to donate $124 billion

Bezos plans to donate his net worth of $124 billion along with his current partner Lauren Sanchez while he is still alive. He wants to devote the money to the fight against climate change.

Bezos also wants to support people who can unite humanity in the face of deep social and political divisions.

Amazon founder not previously known for charity

So far, however, there has been more criticism than applause around the Amazon founder. Last year, for example, former and current employees of his space company Blue Origin complained in an open letter about a sexist corporate culture.

In addition, his flight into space was not well received. For example, one of the tickets was auctioned for $28 million. Out of frustration at his behavior, 16,000 people even signed a petition to refuse Bezos’ return to Earth.

Meanwhile, it was revealed last year that Bezos paid almost no taxes on his wealth between 2014 and 2018. When current US President Joe Biden said in May that the richest companies should pay their fair share of taxes, Bezos accused him deception before.

Jeff Bezos refused to sign the Giving Pledge

However, when Bezos and his ex-wife MacKenzie Scott divorced in 2019, she then signed the Giving Pledge — a philanthropic campaign founded by Bill Gates and Warren Buffet.

This is a pledge by the world’s wealthiest individuals and families to donate the majority of their wealth to charity, the website says.

However, Jeff Bezos has not yet wanted to join the organization. There has also been criticism for this in the past. Now he has apparently changed his mind about the common good.

Jess Bezos and Sanchez give Dolly Parton $100 million

In 2020, Bezos pledged to donate $10 billion to the Bezos Earth Fund. He and partner Sanchez also announced they have pledged $100 million to country music icon Dolly Parton so she can donate the money to charities.

Sea Forbes Magazine Bezos is currently the fourth richest person in the world. Nevertheless, it is the first time that the entrepreneur speaks of wanting to donate his fortune. In the CNN interview, however, Bezos did not announce to which organizations his fortune should go.

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Source: https://www.basicthinking.de/blog/2022/11/15/amazon-gruender-jeff-bezos-will-grossteil-seines-vermoegens-spenden/

After the wave of layoffs: Twitter is looking for new employees


Before Elon Musk took over, Twitter had almost 7500 employees, currently there are around 2700. Also: Disney brings back Bob Iger and the slide in Coinbase shares.

In the last week alone, around 1,000 Twitter employees are said to have resigned after Elon Musk (pictured) asked them to work extreme hours.

Good morning! While you slept, work continued elsewhere in the digital scene.

The top topics:

The new Twitter-Chef Elon Musk fired or scared off nearly two-thirds of Twitter’s 7,500 employees in three weeks. Now the billionaire wants to bring new employees on board again, according to a report by the US medium “The Verge”. During a staff meeting, Musk reportedly said the company had completed the layoffs and was now actively recruiting again for software development and sales positions. He asked employees to recommend colleagues. The highest priority seems to be for programmers who “write great software,” as he reportedly said during the meeting. Twitter recruiters are said to have already contacted potential candidates and asked them to join “Twitter 2.0 – an Elon company”.

While answering staff questions from Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters for about a half hour Monday, Musk said there are “no plans” to move Twitter’s headquarters to Texas like he has Tesla have done, but that it might make sense to have two headquarters – one in California and one in Texas. He probably also emphasized that this was “not a right-wing takeover of Twitter”, but “a takeover of Twitter by the moderate wing”. [Mehr bei The Verge]

On start-up scene: A great strength of founders is to talk about doubts and defeats. In this respect it is due Katharina Mayer Respect. The founder of the social startup cake gossip speaks disarmingly candidly about the pain selling her company causes her in our latest episode of the How Startup podcast. Because shortly before bankruptcy, a large Munich bakery took over the startup. [Mehr bei Gründerszene]

And here are the other headlines of the night:

Disney brought former boss Bob Iger back to the top of the company. Less than 24 hours after his return, he has already announced a restructuring. In an email obtained by CNBC, Iger announced that Kareem Daniel, the company’s head of media and entertainment and right-hand man to ousted CEO Bob Chapek, is leaving the entertainment company. In the email, Iger also explained that the new structure will put more decision-making in the hands of the creative team and streamline costs. Analysts and investors welcomed the development. [Mehr bei CNBC]

Coinbase is since the collapse of the rival FTX The stock market fell sharply: On Monday, shares on the crypto exchange closed more than eight percent lower. The slide has brought Coinbase to its lowest level since the firm’s market debut in April 2021. When it went public, the company had a market cap of over $85 billion. Coinbase has since fallen below the $10 billion mark. In the last four trading days alone, the company has lost over a quarter of its value. [Mehr bei CNBC]

FTX-Ex-CEO Sam Bankman-Fried stressed in an interview with the US broadcaster CNBC that he is still trying to complete a multi-billion dollar deal to save the bankrupt crypto exchange. However, the FTX founder declined to discuss details of his crypto conglomerate’s demise. “I think we should try to give as much value back to users as possible,” he said. “I hate what happened and I really wish I had been more careful.” It has since been revealed that FTX owes its top 50 creditors more than $3.1 billion. [Mehr bei CNBC und The Information]

Zoom has reported its slowest annual revenue growth in its more than three years as a public company for the three months ended October. However, there have been some bright spots that suggest the communications platform’s business is stabilizing. The number of corporate customers increased by 14 percent. Zoom’s revenue increased five percent last quarter to $1.1 billion, while net income was $48.4 million, or $0.16 per share, compared to $340.3 million, or $1.11 per share shares in the prior-year quarter. [Mehr bei Bloomberg und The Information]

Genesis could face a liquidity crisis, according to a report by “Bloomberg”, should the crypto company fail to raise fresh capital for its lending unit. However, a Genesis spokesman told US media Techcrunch that the company has no plans to “file for bankruptcy immediately.” “Our goal is to resolve the current situation amicably without having to file for bankruptcy.” Genesis continues to have constructive discussions with creditors. [Mehr bei Bloomberg und Techcrunch]

Our reading tip on Gründerszene: Neither office nor home office – but always working from somewhere else. That wants Independesk enable. But the economic situation makes the business difficult. As can be seen from the register announcements, Independesk has filed for bankruptcy and a provisional insolvency administrator has been appointed. [Mehr bei Gründerszene]

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Suitable antivirus programs: are paid tools better?


When looking for a suitable antivirus program, PC owners are spoiled for choice. There is an almost endless variety of options on the market to improve computer security on the Internet. While some programs only protect against malware and viruses, other solutions offer a comprehensive range of features.
In addition, the question arises whether a paid antivirus program performs better than a free option.

Significant price differences

It is usually difficult to see at first whether freeware products are an adequate alternative to paid offers.

Many programs usually offer the same basic protection, but vary significantly in price.

Basic programs offer basic protection

As a rule, users of Windows operating systems do not have to worry about minimum protection against malware or viruses.
The basic programs already contain various protective measures that are necessary for operating a PC. In addition to a firewall, this also includes virus and malware protection.

Basic programs offer basic protection
Basic programs offer basic protection | Foto: © Vector Tradition #468354423 – stock.adobe.com

Paid programs for comprehensive protection

However, PC users should keep in mind that these basic programs only offer minimum protection.

A good example is Windows Defender, which shows clear shortcomings in tests when it comes to detecting new types of viruses and Trojans.

Anyone looking for comprehensive and secure protection is therefore well advised to look for affordable alternatives.

Expensive is good, but not necessarily better

It is common for most pre-built PCs to have antivirus programs pre-installed on the devices. Antivirus programs are often used, which are usually available as a test version after the first start. After this period, fees for using the programs will apply.

Users have to reckon with annual costs of 30 to 45 euros. In contrast to Windows Defender, these paid programs offer much more content. For example, users have the option of protecting themselves using integrated VPN connections, identity or parental controls.
Monitoring of new viruses or customer support is also included in the service package. Paid antivirus programs simply offer more features than free ones.

Antivirenprogramm am Laptop
Antivirus programs are often used, which are usually available as a test version after the first start | Foto: © sarayut_sy #186885581 – stock.adobe.com

Are there any free, high-quality antivirus programs?

In general, PC users should keep in mind that most free antivirus programs are only basic versions and can only be used to their full extent if you pay extra. Nevertheless, there are some providers who stand out from the crowd with their free products.

Differences between free and paid services

A look at offers from various providers and various additional packages leads to the conclusion that conventional virus protection and the identification of malware are included free of charge in most antivirus programs. However, the first financial hurdles arise when setting up VPN connections or security issues.
Paid programs include special additional services that are not important for all computers and users. With basic protection programs, however, users should question whether upgrading the security measures is advisable.

Source: https://blogg.de/geeignete-antivirenprogramme/

Google has to pay a fine of millions for misleading


Google has been collecting location data for years without informing its users. On the contrary, the company has even fooled its users into believing that they can disable tracking. Google now has to pay a fine of 391 million US dollars for misleading data protection information.

Search engine giant Google has been fined $391.5 million in the United States. The reason: The company is said to have collected location data for years without sufficiently informing its users about it. Rather, the US group suggested that its users can disable tracking.

This emerges from a statement published by New York Attorney General Letitia James. Accordingly, the company violated consumer protection laws in 40 US states. Research concluded that Google continued to collect location data even after users opted out.

Google fined $391.5 million

The responsible public prosecutors meanwhile criticized the fact that Google had given its users the option of rejecting the tracking of location data.

However, the US group did not point out that the Google apps also automatically collect location data. That Wall Street Journal (WSJ) quotes New Jersey Attorney General Matthew Platkin as saying:

Digital platforms like Google cannot claim to provide users with privacy controls and then flout those controls to collect and sell data to advertisers against users’ explicit wishes – and for great profit.

Users should have more control from 2023

According to the lawyers, the settlement payment of 391.5 million US dollars represents a record for nationwide data protection. According to the WSJ, the Federal Trade Commission is considering a directive that is intended to strengthen privacy on the Internet.

To this end, the authority wants to target online surveillance and the inaccurate data protection practices of numerous tech companies. The US Congress is also currently examining a law that would give users more control over their data.

Google, in turn, has told prosecutors that it will improve its location tracking information and give its users more control by 2023. Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum said: “For years, Google has prioritized profit over user privacy. The enterprise was cunning and deceitful.”

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Source: https://www.basicthinking.de/blog/2022/11/15/ueberwachung-google-muss-millionenstrafe-wegen-irrefuehrung-zahlen/

iOS 16.1.1: Apple releases surprising security update


With iOS 16.1, Apple released a new function update for the iPhone just a few weeks ago. With iOS 16.1.1, a new software version follows, which is primarily intended to fix security gaps and eliminate errors. However, the iPhone group is holding back on details.

Apple releases iOS 16.1 and iPad OS 16.1

“To protect our customers, security issues are not announced, discussed, and confirmed by Apple until a full investigation has taken place and any required patches or program versions are available,” the company’s security updates support page says.

Accordingly, surprisingly, the iPhone group has now released its latest software versions iOS 16.1.1 and iPadOS 16.1.1 – just a few weeks after the previous function updates. However, the new software is much narrower and is primarily intended to fix errors and weak points.

iOS 16.2 already in the works

Apple fixes two major security vulnerabilities with iOS 16.1.1. According to the support page, both affect the
so-called libxml2 library. There were errors when reading the .xml file format.

However, the company has now announced that the bugs have been fixed under the names CVE-2022-40303 and CVE-2022-40304. Previously, hackers would have had the opportunity to exploit the vulnerabilities to upload arbitrary codes to affected iPhones.

However, optimized input validation and better checking would now prevent the execution of malicious code. With iOS 16.2, the next update is already in development. In contrast to iOS 16.1.1, it should also have new features on board again.

Install iOS 16.1.1

iOS 16.1.1 has been available for free download since November 9, 2022. Apple traditionally recommends timely installation. The new iPhone update is available for all models from iPhone 8 onwards. The version can be downloaded via the device settings under “General” and “Software update”.

With iPadOS 16.1.1 and macOS 13.0.1 Ventura, the company has also released new software versions for the iPad and Mac. The new iPad software is available for all Pro models, all iPads Air from the third generation and all iPads and iPad Minis from the fifth generation.

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DeepL: Six things you should know about the new unicorn


Jaroslaw (Jarek) Kutylowski in front of a moss wall in his office in Cologne-Ehrenfeld. He is the CEO and founder of DeepL. Before founding the translation tool, he was CTO at Linguee.
Start-up scene / Elisabeth Neuhaus

In mid-November, the news got through that Cologne had its first startup valued at one billion or more: The makers of the translation tool DeepL are said to have closed a 100 million euro round of financing and are then worth that much.

But who is actually behind DeepL? Not much is known about the startup. The founder Jaroslaw Kutylowski is considered to be rather reserved, his company does not rely on much marketing or PR. Nevertheless, we have compiled some interesting facts here:

What does DeepL do – different and better than others?

Right from the start, the Cologne-based start-up entered the ring with heavyweights as competitors: DeepL competes with its offer directly with what Google Translate does, or Microsoft with the translator from Bing – and, according to experts, quickly has the edge.

Source: https://www.businessinsider.de/gruenderszene/business/sechs-dinge-die-ihr-jetzt-ueber-das-neu-einhorn-deepl-wissen-solltet-b/

Bosch and IBM want to advance electromobility with supercomputers


Electronics manufacturer Bosch and the software company IBM want to use a supercomputer to advance electromobility. The two companies hope that a quantum computer will help discover alternative materials for batteries and motors.

A change is currently taking place in the mobility sector. More and more combustion engines are disappearing from the streets. Instead, electric vehicles replace dirty petrol and diesel engines and thus make a valuable contribution to climate protection. But how can the increasing demand for electric motors and batteries be met in the long term?

More and more companies in the automotive industry are asking themselves the same question. While many manufacturers are entering into partnerships to ensure the supply of materials, automotive supplier Bosch is now going one step further. Because the company announced a partnership with IBM to advance electromobility using a quantum computer.

Electromobility: Supercomputer to develop new battery for Bosch and IBM

Bosch is joining IBM’s quantum network so that quantum computers can develop alternative materials for motors and electric car batteries in the future. The teams of both companies are pursuing the plan to develop a new type of battery that uses substitute materials.

Because the lack of availability of raw materials in particular is delaying the progress of electromobility. A quantum computer should simulate different compositions and optimize existing technologies. The computing power of the supercomputer should meanwhile make up for many years of research.

Not only batteries play an increasingly important role

The end result should in turn be a battery that competes with previous models and quickly reaches market maturity. In addition, the focus at Bosch is not exclusively on energy storage. After all, magnets are playing an increasingly important role in electric motors.

If everything goes according to plan, the company wants to develop new types of magnets in the long term that are lighter, smaller, more efficient and more widely available. Sustainability also plays a role in this. By saving material and recycling old components, raw materials are to be saved massively, which ultimately benefits the environment again.

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Source: https://www.basicthinking.de/blog/2022/11/16/elektromobilitaet-quantencomputer-bosch-ibm/

Apple will launch emergency call SOS via satellite in Germany from December


Surprisingly, Apple has released its new function “Emergency SOS via satellite” in the USA and Canada. In Germany, too, users of the iPhone 14 models should be able to use the feature from December 2022. However, the satellite emergency service could be chargeable.

In September 2022, Apple already announced that the US and Canada should get a new iPhone 14 feature: “Emergency SOS via satellite”. However, the new function was only planned for later in the year.

Now the tech group surprised with the news that the satellite emergency call is now available in North America. Apple also announced that the feature will also be available in Germany, France, Great Britain and Ireland from December 2022.

Emergency SOS via satellite available for iPhone 14

With emergency call SOS via satellite, iPhone 14 users are able to connect to emergency services – even if there is no cellular or Wi-Fi coverage.

In addition, users can also use the “Wo ist?” app via satellite. This allows them to share their whereabouts with family and friends while they are off-line.

The Apple team has worked tirelessly to solve new technical challenges to bring this service to life, said Greg Joswiak, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing.

Some of the most popular travel destinations are off the beaten path and lack cell phone coverage. With emergency call SOS via satellite, the iPhone 14 family offers an indispensable tool that brings users the help they need, even if they have no cell phone reception.

We are convinced that the new function will give customers a little more peace of mind.

This is how emergency call SOS works via satellite

The new feature is available for every model in the iPhone 14 range. Through a combination of specially developed components and deeply integrated software, the device can establish a direct connection to a satellite. The device does not need any additional software or protocols to enable communication.

Users in need have to answer short questions about the situation

Users in need can request a satellite connection via a button. To do this, those seeking help must answer a few short questions. According to Apple, this can be done with just a few fingertips.


This vital information is intended to help the emergency services quickly get a picture of the situation on the ground and the location of the person.

iPhone tells users how to align the phone

After that, the iPhone’s interface shows where to point it to connect and then sends the first message.

Users are then connected directly to emergency call centers that are equipped to receive text messages. There are also switchboards with emergency specialists trained by Apple who can contact emergency services if text messages are not an option.

This is how the answers to the quick questions, the information about the location and the battery status of the phone are transmitted. The emergency pass is also sent if the function is activated.

Apple Emergency SOS Satellite Emergency Service Accident Safety 112 911 110 Satellite Emergency Accident iPhone 14 iPhone Phone Cellular


Additionally, the transcript can also be sent to emergency contacts to keep friends and family in the loop.

Make an emergency call within 15 seconds

It should only take 15 seconds to send and receive the emergency call via satellite. For people who want to test the feature first, Apple provides a built-in demo. This allows users to connect to a real satellite within range without actually calling emergency services. Apple said:

Emergency SOS via satellite will be useful not only for those living in rural areas without cellular coverage, but also for those affected by a natural disaster that shuts down cellular networks.

Apple invests $450 to expand emergency services

In order to make the service available, Apple invested 450 million US dollars in cooperation with satellite operator Globalstar. The function uses the spectrum of the L and S bands, which the ITU specifically provides for mobile satellite services.

When users place an emergency call, the corresponding message is received by one of the 24 Globalstar satellites, which travel in low Earth orbit at a speed of approximately 26,000 kilometers per hour.

The satellite then broadcasts the message to ground stations located at points around the world.

Emergency SOS via satellite could be chargeable

While the new feature could be extremely useful in emergency situations, there seems to be a catch. As Apple previously reported, the service is only free for two years from the time an iPhone 14 is activated.

However, Apple has not yet announced what the new function will cost afterwards.

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