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Country: United States
CountryCode: US
Region: VA
RegionName: Virginia
City: Boydton
Zip: 23917
Timezone: America/New_York
ISP: Microsoft Corporation
Org: Microsoft Azure Cloud (eastus2)
As: AS8075 Microsoft Corporation
Latitude: 36.677696
Longitude: -78.37471

IP address (English: Internet Protocol Address), the address used by devices connected to the Internet or other packet-switched networks using the TCP/IP protocol to exchange data with each other over the network.

Each device connecting to the Internet is assigned an IP address by the Internet Service Provider, and other devices on the Internet reach these devices with the IP addresses given. Even if two different devices with IP addresses are not on the same network, they can communicate with each other through routers.

IP addresses are 32-bit in size for IPv4, which is currently in common use, and are represented by 4 8-bit numbers separated by dots. For example: (The IP address given in this example is defined as a private IP address and can only communicate in local networks, the device must have a public IP address in order to communicate with other networks.)

You can also connect to a web page server by typing in the IP address. However, since it is not practical to write these numbers, a domain name system corresponding to the IP address is used. A hierarchical system consisting of Domain Name Servers (DNS -Domain Name System), also found in Internet service providers, maps the information of which domain name corresponds to which IP address and directs users to the correct addresses.

This article is about the IP network protocol only. Internet Protocol (IP) is the basic communication protocol in the internet protocol suite for passing datagrams across network boundaries. Thanks to its routing function, it enables the internet to work and is an indispensable part of the internet. IP performs the packet delivery task from the source address to the destination address based on the IP addresses in the packet headers. To this end, IP defines packet structures that encapsulate data to be delivered. This method, which also defines the addressing methods, is used to label the diagram with source and destination information. IP was introduced as a connectionless datagram service in the original transmission control program by Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn in 1974. The Internet protocol suite is therefore often referred to as TCP/IP. The first major version of IP was Internet Protocol Version 4. IPv4 is the dominant protocol on the internet. Its successor is Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6). IPv6 has emerged from the necessity of increasing the number of devices connecting to the internet today and providing enough IP addresses to these devices.


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