ICMP protocol port

What is the ICMP protocol port?

ICMP has no ports! See RFC792 for more details. Port 7 (TCP and UDP ) is used for the “eco” service. If this service is available on a computer, UDP port 7 can be used instead of ICMP to “ping”.

What is the function of the OSI physical layer?

The Physical Layer defines the mechanical, electrical, functional characteristics and procedures for activating, maintaining and deactivating physical connections for the transmission of bits. Mechanical characteristics concern the size and shape of connectors, pins, cables, etc. that make up a transmission circuit.

What is the role of the protocol sector?

The Protocol is the service in charge of receiving, recording, classifying, distributing, controlling the processing and dispatch of documents. It is the area responsible for receiving and distributing correspondence, documents and processes and for controlling their flow in the institution.

What are network services?

Network services are basically tools that load in the background, and provide functionality for both internal and external networking . Some of these well-known services are Apache (http server), Samba (file server), and Squid (Proxy).

How to access router in bridge mode with DHCP disabled?

  1. Once you have accessed the router , enter “ DHCP ”;
  2. In ” DHCP Server “, check the “Disabled” option and click “Save”;
  3. Again, restart the router .

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