Mona Gindler has been at Senovo for around five years. The Munich-based woman has been a partner at the early-stage VC since the beginning of 2024.
Senovo, Collage von Dominik Schmitt

Anyone who is the founder of a B2B SaaS startup generally falls into Senovo's prey scheme. The Munich-based venture capital firm only invests in B2B SaaS business models in the initial scaling phase. Why so specific? When the VC was founded in 2013, B2C and e-commerce startups were in their heyday. Instead of focusing on the present, the Senovo founders asked themselves what the future would bring. And they saw the future in the digitalization of processes in large companies, i.e. B2B SaaS. This is how Mona Gindler, partner at Senovo, explains it. Not a bad decision.

0.3 percent of startups make it

Since then, the Munich-based VC has made around 40 investments in its focus sector. Around five investments are made every year. The five-person investment team is currently looking for the first investments for the new fund. The Munich-based company provides between one and five million euros per startup. You are always a lead or co-lead investor. But it takes more than just having a B2B SaaS business model to get Senovo's money. Because over 1,500 pitch decks end up on the tables of Senovo investors every year. So the team only invests in around 0.3 percent of the startups whose pitch decks they browse.


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