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What is Advanced IP Scanner?

If you’re looking for a way to get full control of your home or business computers, know that the Advanced IP Scanner was designed especially for that purpose. Through it, you can control computers that share the same local network as your machine. 

Once you gain access to a PC by becoming an administrator, you can schedule updates, help users perform certain functions, and even force a shutdown if needed. 

Another very interesting point is that it also provides information about the connected computers after performing a brief scan, being a means of knowing, for example, which computer is in need of repairs or even if there is an intruder using your internet without you know.

Being a great success among users looking for such software, Advanced IP Scanner is mainly used by administrators of large companies around the world.

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How to use Advanced IP Scanner? 

Using Advanced IP Scanner is not an easy task and requires a little knowledge about software so that everything flows as desired. After downloading and installing the program, open it.

On the home page, click “Check” so that it starts charging all devices that are connected to your network, whether WIFI or cable. The process may take a few minutes depending on the number of gadgets that are using it.

Once the information loads, you will be able to analyze each of the machines that appear. In addition to the name, the IP, manufacturer and MAC address will also be visible. 

If you want to perform a certain function with a computer, right-click on it and see all the options that will appear on your screen. For example, to disconnect, just click “Shut down” and enter the information that will appear in the “Remote Desktop Connection” window. 

You will be asked for the machine’s internal network IP, the username and password used to access the computer in question. Soon after, you will be able to perform all the desired functions. 

In addition, device information will only be requested on this first access, being saved in the software for later uses. 

How to download and install Advanced IP Scanner?

Advanced IP Scanner is available on Baixaki, making it easy for your users to download the app. Follow the steps to download the software on your device.

  1. Click on “Download Free” and wait 10 seconds for the download to happen automatically. If not, select “Download”.
  2. When the software is already downloaded on your computer, click on it to start the installation. Select “forward” through every step until you reach the end. 
  3. Open Advanced IP Scanner and start using all the benefits of the software.

Our Opinion on Advanced IP Scanner

Advanced IP Scanner is a good tool that allows you to obtain the function of verifying the IP addresses of the network and manage them from a fully graphical interface, without the need to type commands in the terminal. This can facilitate the use and interpretation of the results even for those who do not have much experience with the subject.

The program works satisfactorily, without errors, crashes or conflicts with the operating system. It’s also lightweight and doesn’t consume a lot of resources, which makes it possible to use even the most modest computers. It can be a great help tool in lan houses and small networks.

Free scanner software to analyze LAN networks

Advanced IP Scanner is a free program that allows you to analyze a LAN and view all the devices connected to it. In addition to seeing which and how many computers are connected to the network, with this software you can control them remotely, you can share folders and FTP servers. All without the need for an actual installation.

Keep your network under control

Anyone running a LAN must always have their network under control, to understand which devices have access, how many can be supported, and so on. Advanced IP Scanner allows you to perform this task with absolute simplicity: the program is only available in a portable version, it can also be used via USB, which means avoiding tedious installation procedures and especially not taking up disk space. With this software, in just a few minutes you will be able to know how many computers are connected to the LAN , allowing you to view each of them IP and MAC address . The latter, once identified, can be exported in CSV format. In case of need, it can be remotely control one of the computerson and off (thanks to Radmin utility).

Within this software there is a button for quick and automatic scanning of all devices connected to the LAN : it is an excellent method, for example, to find intruders. With Advanced IP SCanner, multiple devices can access shared folders and FTP servers. Scanning can also be done on a certain IP address range. Also, in Advacend IP Scanner there are other tools that are widely used during the LAN analysis phase: Ping, Telnet, SHH, Tracert are just some of them. When the analysis is finally complete, you can ask the software to also produce and print a detailed report.

Easy style layout for Microsoft users

The development of Advanced IP Scanner is exclusively related to Windows operating systems. The thing may be insignificant for the millions of users who daily use the products that come from Redmond, but in a world where mobile devices have gained ground compared to fixed computers it is a serious shortcoming that this software does not have versions for Android, iOS etc. . Given this, we must say that the layout of the program is simple and intuitive . After the program starts, the user is presented with a classic Windows-style window, in which all the devices connected to the LAN are listed. For each of them the name, IP and MAC addresses, producer and any comments are clearly identifiable. Simple LAN analysis can be startedclicking on the “Scan” button located in the upper left corner.

A really useful program

Advanced IP Scanner is a very useful program for all LAN network administrators. In addition to being easy to use, it takes up no disk space and is completely free . Widespread diffusion is only limited by the fact that it is now available exclusively for Windows systems.

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