Developments in artificial intelligence are keeping the job market quite busy. But what impact could the use of AI actually have on our jobs? A report by the World Economic Forum sees these jobs as at risk.

The effects of ongoing developments in the field of artificial intelligence are being hotly debated by labor market experts. Some are sure that AI will destroy numerous jobs. Still others see the use of AI systems as an opportunity for the creation of new professional fields.

It is probably clear to everyone who takes part in these discussions that artificial intelligence will change the job market. The World Economic Forum's Future of Jobs Report 2023 makes it clear which jobs could actually be lost due to rapid AI developments.

Many companies want to use AI

In its Future of Jobs Report, the World Economic Forum (WEF) examines the development of jobs and skills over the next five years. The report pays particular attention to employers’ expectations.

They are exactly those who are open to technologies such as big data, cloud computing and AI. Accordingly, 75 percent of companies want to introduce these technologies in the next five years.

The WEF assumes that most of the new technologies will have a positive impact on employment. However, the use of artificial intelligence “could likely lead to significant disruptions in the labor market”.

A significant proportion of the companies involved in the report assume that jobs will be relocated within their company. However, this shift could be offset by job growth elsewhere. So overall a positive balance could arise.

These jobs are threatened by AI

However, the predicted shift will mean that some professional fields will find themselves on the decline. Above all, there are Office or secretarial jobs declining fastest.

But also at Cashiers and related professions, the Future of Jobs Report sees a downward trend. These include, among other things, Postal workers, Ticket sellers as well as Data entry officers.

The biggest losses will be in administration. But the areas of security, factories and trade are also affected.

Surveys for the Future of Jobs Report show that companies are forecasting a loss of 26 million jobs by 2027. This is mainly due to digitalization and automation and primarily affects jobs in the areas of accounting and administration.

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