Cyber ​​criminals have been harassing online streamers with mass pizza orders for years. According to research, they have developed special software for this purpose. You can use it to tap the Lieferando delivery service.

Pizza bombing: This is the name of a form of cyber bullying in which criminals send masses of pizzas to their victims' homes via delivery service. They have been harassing online streamers in particular for years. Like researching the Spiegel and des ARD-Political magazine In contrast revealed that the cyber criminals apparently use software that is based on a Lieferando programming interface.

Bullying via Lieferando: Criminals order pizza en masse

Anne and Philipp Kotz were victims of the pizza bombing in April 2023. As they were streaming live on the video platform Twitch, the doorbell rang again and again. Within three minutes, unknown people placed dozens of food orders in their names. The suppliers gathered in front of her apartment. When the couple didn't open the door, the delivery people rang the neighbors' doorbell and banged on the apartment door.

It is unclear why the pizza bombers chose Anne and Philipp Kotz. However, live streamers in particular are targeted by perpetrators because they can then watch in real time as those affected lose their nerve. The bullies often upload the reactions to the “prank” online – comparable to a kind of trophy.

Opera and delivery services worldwide are struggling with this form of cyber bullying. Loud is behind the attacks in Germany ARD and Mirrorl a group that calls itself NWO (New World Order).

The internet activist Nella provided a huge data set for the research, which provides information about the perpetrators and their modus operandi. Among them: voice recordings in which members of the NWO brag about their “Pizzageddon”. The records also show that the group developed software that enables bulk orders from Lieferando. The program will be called “Pizzerando”.

Pizza bullying: victims complain to Lieferando

After the attacks, Anne and Philipp Kotz complained to Lieferando last year. They asked the delivery service for help. The answer: you should contact the police. It is not possible to have their address blocked. Lieferando, in turn, stated that it would still defend itself against the abuse.

A company spokesman said the vast majority of pizza bombing attempts could be prevented through advanced security systems and specialized teams. In addition, we work with the authorities on specific cases and continually improve the precautions. Officially, it is entirely possible to have addresses blocked.

Pizza bombing is reminiscent of swatting attacks

Pizza bombing is comparable to a form of cyber bullying: swatting. Perpetrators make false emergency calls to the police and fire brigade. The emergency services then appear at the innocent victims' homes because of alleged gas leaks, stabbings or a bomb. The NWO has also attacked politicians in this way.

Psychologist Catarina Katzer describes both swatting and pizza bombing as hunts. The perpetrators' goal is to wear down their victims. This goes on until they move out of their apartments and flee. Anne Kotz can also report psychological damage. At times she was no longer able to leave the house for fear of being attacked.

Many other victims feel the same way, explains Catarina Katzer. You may struggle with the consequences of the attacks for the rest of your life.

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