It's been a while since the last iPhone update. But now Apple is introducing new functions with iOS 17.5 – but probably also a pretty big bug. This is what you should know about the new iPhone update.

Apple last released the last iPhone update at the end of March with iOS 17.4.1. The main aim was to close security gaps.

But with the latest version of iOS, Apple is introducing a rather worrying bug to iPhones. Because after the update, photos deleted years ago suddenly appear again in iCloud.

iOS 17.5: The new iPhone update brings this bug

With the new version for iOS, Apple is releasing new functions, but there is also a fairly large security hole. Because, as numerous users report on Reddit, ancient photos suddenly appear again in their media library after the iOS update. Some of these are photos that users deleted more than ten years ago.

If a photo is deleted on the iPhone or in iCloud, it usually goes to the “Recently Deleted” folder for 30 days. The recordings will then be completely removed – as was previously generally assumed.

But the current bug in iOS 17.5 shows that this is obviously not the case. Of course, this error raises numerous questions, especially regarding how deleted data is handled on Apple's servers. The bug shows that users cannot rely on the fact that the data they have deleted over the past ten years has actually been deleted.

Apple has not yet issued a statement on the problem that arose with iOS 17-5. However, the company also points out on its website that, in order to protect customers, it will not publish, discuss or confirm security problems “until an investigation has taken place and patches or versions are available”.

These are the new features of the iPhone update

But Apple has not only released a bug with iOS 17.5, but is also bringing new functions to the iPhone. Among other things, the group is targeting unwanted tracking with the help of AirTags.

These are actually there to locate items such as suitcases or keys if they are lost. However, in the past these have also been used more and more frequently to persecute people against their will.

With the update to iOS 15, users will receive a warning in the future if an unknown Bluetooth tracking device moves with them. This is independent of the specific platform the devices are paired with.

In the future, iPhone users will also be able to download apps directly from websites. Using the App Store is no longer absolutely necessary. Apple is thus implementing the EU regulation on so-called sideloading, where other providers must also be approved by the major players.

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