Do you sometimes leave the house with a rather uneasy feeling in the pit of your stomach? Are scenarios playing out in your head that you’d rather not imagine? So that you can be carefree on the go instead of worrying about your four walls, Philips Hue is now taking care of your home with a completely new product family. We introduce you to the products.

Always feel safe – even when you’re not at home

The days are getting shorter again and the statistics speak for themselves: the risk of break-ins is particularly high in autumn and winter because thieves take advantage of the early darkness. They get into houses while the residents are still at work or meeting friends for a cozy evening.

Luckily, smart technologies keep an eye on your apartment or house while you’re out and about. With the products in the Philips Hue Secure family, the manufacturer relies on a cleverly chosen combination of cameras, sensors and smart lighting elements that thwart uninvited guests.

Everything in view with the Philips Hue Secure cameras

The cameras in the Philips Hue Secure series are suitable for use indoors and outdoors and, if desired, enable real-time monitoring of your own home. Equipped with an alarm function that triggers sound and light signals, depending on the area in which the battery-operated or wired cameras are used, they are often enough to deter potential burglars.

Contact sensor: For doors, windows or cupboards

Where you attach the Philips Hue Secure contact sensor is up to you. It is suitable for doors and windows as well as for cupboards in which you store your valuables and fits seamlessly into your smart security system.

The two-part sensor is triggered as soon as contact between the actual sensor and the associated magnet breaks off. For example, because a door or window is opened. If this happens, you will be notified in real time via the Hue app so that you can take action.

Everything under control: with the Philips Hue app

The app on your smartphone represents your connection to your smartly secured home. In this you will now also find the so-called security center, through which you can centrally control your smart home security system.

For example, in response to a notification, this function allows you to manually use light and audio signals from the cameras using “Execute action” to deter a potential intruder. With just the push of a button, you can also notify the police or a trusted contact about the incident. This makes sense if you can’t get there quickly yourself.

Discover the new products now

As soon as the days become shorter again and it gets dark earlier, the fear of break-ins automatically increases. With smart products from Philips Hue you always have everything in view. And: The smart lighting and cameras also act as a deterrent for burglars. Convince yourself of the new Philips Hue products now.

Discover the products here


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