Bosch, Dyson or rather AEG? Which household appliance manufacturer do consumers in Germany trust the most? We’ll show you in our weekly ranking.

Whether a long-established luxury brand or a provider in the lower price segment: there are many manufacturers of household appliances. But which providers are among the leading and convince the most people in Germany?

The best manufacturers of household appliances

Deutschlandtest carried out social media monitoring in an extensive online analysis and determined the popularity of household appliance manufacturers. The analysis takes into account white goods (such as refrigerators), brown goods (televisions), power tools and cleaning equipment. In the following ranking we present you the top ten.

10th place: BSH

BSH Household Devices GmbH is based in Munich and has existed since 1967 as a joint venture between Bosch GmbH and Siemens AG. In total, the company produces a wide variety of household appliances in 41 factories worldwide and achieves the highest ranking 83,60.

Platz 10: BSH. (Screenshot / YouTube)

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