The French automobile brand DS Automobiles brings ChatGPT into the car. As part of a test phase, the artificial intelligence will serve, among other things, as a travel guide. DS customers can register for this.

More and more people are using ChatGPT in everyday life. Instead of conducting research via search engines, ChatGPT Plus can also be used to find out current information in the form of a conversation. Access to knowledge is easier than ever before.

More and more companies are also seeing the potential of the ChatGPT algorithm, GPT-3.5 (free) or GPT 4 (paid). They integrate a form of chatbot into their apps or their own infrastructure. Now the French car manufacturer DS Automobiles is going one step further and is even bringing ChatGPT into the car.

DS Automobiles brings ChatGPT into the car

As part of a pilot phase, interested customers can register to use ChatGPT in their cars. The prerequisite for this is a model from the DS3, DS4, DS7 or DS9 series and the DS Iris system. Once registered, the company sends an over-the-air update (OTA) to the vehicle, ChatGPT then appears in the on-board computer.

DS emphasizes that ChatGPT is not intended to replace its own systems, but to complement it. In concrete terms, this means that the driver either activates the Iris voice assistant with “okay, Iris” or presses a button on the steering wheel. The system then enriches the requested information with data from ChatGPT and reads it out.

This is how you can register for the test phase

The pilot phase lasts six months and can be used by customers in Germany, France, Great Britain, Spain and Italy. Interested buyers can register until February 29th. The pilot is limited to 20,000 customers. It is also important that DS uses GPT-3.5, which only contains information up to September 2021

To activate ChatGPT in their own car, DS customers must click on a corresponding service website. There you have to log in to the DS Service Store with your own MyDS user account and create an account. Anyone who meets all the requirements can then subscribe to the service.

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