ChatGPT now has numerous extensions. Many of them can help make work or everyday life easier. A ChatGPT plugin even helps you formulate perfect prompts.

ChatGPT Plus has had two new features for some time now. Users of the paid subscription can, for example, activate so-called web browsing. This allows you to allow ChatGPT to search the Internet for current data.

In addition, Plus users now have the option to activate third-party plugins. An extension even helps you formulate perfect prompts.

ChatGPT: How to activate plugins

With the “Prompt Perfect” plugin, ChatGPT can formulate prompts for you. To achieve this, it only takes a few clicks.

First, you need to make sure that the plugin function is activated on ChatGPT. To do this, click on the three-dot menu at the bottom left after you have logged in to the website.

Then select “Settings” and “Beta Features”. Then activate the slider under “Plugins”. Note: Since OpenAI is gradually rolling out its new functions, the plugins may not yet be available to all users.

Plugin “Prompt Perfect: Formulate perfect prompts with ChatGPT Plus

Now you should theoretically be able to download third-party plugins. To do this, first click on “Plugins” in the drop-down list and then on “Plugin Store”. Then install the “Prompt Perfect” extension using the search.

So-called prompts are requests to ChatGPT. Depending on how well or poorly they were formulated, the language model spits out better or worse answers. The ChatGPT plugin “Prompt Perfect” is intended to help users formulate the “perfect” prompts.

After you have installed and activated the extension, you must first ask Prompt Perfect a question or request that you would like to address to ChatGPT. The plugin then rewrites the prompt and adds details so that the AI ​​spits out the best possible result.

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