“AI is not just another IT tool,” says British futurologist Bernhard Marr, and he therefore believes that most companies will soon need a Chief AI Officer – alongside their CTO.
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Someone has to put the hat on. No matter how flat the hierarchies are. In startup jargon we speak of chiefs: chief financial officer, chief marketing officer, chief sales office, chief technical officer and so on. In a time when it is said everywhere that artificial intelligence or AI permeates all companies, it is quite logical that there is now a need for a Chief AI Officer, or CAIO for short.

Or maybe not? In fact, opinions differ. And there is also disagreement about what a Chief AI Officer actually does. What does he or she have to be able to do? Where do you learn this and what can you earn with such a progressive new job? We investigated.

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Source: https://www.businessinsider.de/gruenderszene/endlich-c-level/was-macht-ein-chief-ai-officer-gehalt/

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