From now on you can also share chats from ChatGPT via link. We’ll show you how to share your conversations with others.

Since the release of ChatGPT, the popularity of the AI ​​language model has increased. At the beginning of the year, developer company OpenAI had over 100 million active users. In April 2023 it was already 173 million.

ChatGPT users conduct numerous conversations with the chatbot – and would often like to share it with others. Previously, this was only possible via copy and paste or screenshot. But now OpenAI announced that users can now share their chats via link.

ChatGPT: How to share chats by link

The so-called Shared Links is a new feature that allows you to generate a unique URL for a ChatGPT conversation, which you can then share with others.

To do this, first open ChatGPT in your browser. Then select a chat in the menu bar on the left of the window. If you move your mouse pointer over it, you will now also see another button between the small pencil symbol and the recycle bin: a small square with an arrow pointing up.

A click opens a new window in which your conversation is shown again as a preview. In turn, there is a green button at the bottom right. With another click on it you automatically copy a sharing link to your chat. If you share it with others, they can access your ChatGPT conversation.

This is how you can share ChatGPT chats anonymously

Before you click the green button to get your sharing link, you have the option to access a three-dot menu just above it. There you can decide whether you want to share your chat anonymously or on your behalf.

If you choose to share your name, it will appear just below the chat title. If you change your mind, click the same button again. You will then be offered the option to share anonymously. With another click, your name will disappear and you will receive an anonymous link.

ChatGPT chats are not updated automatically

If you create a share link, you only share the chat you were having up to that point. In plain language: Your conversation behind the link is not updated automatically. You’re just sending a snapshot of your conversation. However, you also have the option of deleting the old link and sending an updated version of the URL.

If you ever delete the conversation you sent, the other person will no longer be able to access it either. Unless she previously imported the chat into his own chat history. Even if you should deactivate your ChatGPT account at some point, all links sent up to that point will become invalid. Then your chats are no longer accessible to anyone.

OpenAI warns against sharing ChatGPT chats

In terms of security, however, OpenAI gives some pointers. On the one hand, the company warns against sharing sensitive information via email. Because anyone who receives the URL can view the corresponding chat and save it if necessary.

On the other hand, the ChatGPT developer recommends being careful before clicking on any link. You should always make sure that the link comes from a trustworthy source. You can also check the URL. The sharing links always start with: “”.

The new function will gradually be released for all users. The links are currently only available via the web browser. However, OpenAI has already announced that the feature will soon also be usable via iOS.

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