What if something happens to your e-bike? When it comes to e-bikes, we usually hardly think about insurance. If something happens then, you’re on the safe side with Adam Riese’s e-bike insurance. We have taken a look at the protection this e-bike insurance offers you.

Just between us: Your e-bike was probably not cheap to buy. But apart from the financial aspect, your e-bike is usually dear to you in other ways too. That’s why you may have thought about whether you can and should insure your e-bike. Adam Riese has also dealt with this topic in detail and has therefore put together an all-round package that takes away any worries about your e-bike.

E-bike insurance from A to Z

Adam Riese thought of every component of the bike when it came to e-bike insurance. Accordingly, you have the opportunity with the experts to insure exactly what you value, from A for batteries to Z for accessories with flexible modules.

Incidentally, it doesn’t matter whether your e-bike is used or new. And you don’t have to worry about depreciation either. If you have to replace your e-bike, you will be reimbursed the full purchase price. There is no depreciation due to age or wear and tear with Adam Riese’s e-bike insurance.

Whether theft or expensive repairs

Of course nobody wants to find out that the e-bike has been stolen. Should this unsightly event nevertheless occur, Adam Riese’s e-bike insurance covers you just as well as in the event that your accessories are stolen. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a helmet or a child seat.

With the additional repair module, you also protect yourself from expensive repairs on the e-bike. Because repairs are one of the biggest concerns for e-bike owners. Incidentally, with Adam Riese your bike is not only protected against theft and repair damage. But also against wear and tear, vandalism, accidents, fire damage and even natural disasters.

Be flexible: Tariffs & modules

With the XL tariff from 35.64 euros per year, you can benefit from replacement value compensation and insurance for your e-bike and individual e-bike parts in an emergency. The sum insured can be selected individually – with no deductible.

From EUR 39.20 a year, you get a bonus of 10 percent when you buy a new bike after a total loss and a bonus of 20 percent when you buy a used bike after a total loss. You are also covered in the event of gross negligence. You get an update guarantee. This means future performance improvements will apply automatically. In addition, a guarantee of vested rights is included, i.e. the performance guarantee in the event of a change of insurance.

With modules against theft, repairs and roadside assistance, you can also put together your insurance cover to suit your needs and your e-bike, just as you like. Incidentally, this also works for e-bikes that you receive from your employer, such as service and company bikes, provided they are not otherwise insured.

Take the opportunity now to optimally secure your e-bike. You put together your individual e-bike insurance from Adam Riese and insure everything that is important to you!

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