15 million electric cars are expected to be on German roads by 2030. The federal government therefore wants to significantly expand the charging infrastructure. But what about the nearby charging stations?

In the coalition agreement, the federal government has formulated ambitious goals for electromobility. By 2030, around 15 million electric cars are expected to be on German roads.

One million charging stations are also to be built so that they can also access electricity on the go. But with the current figures, German road traffic is still a long way off.

This is the state of electromobility in Germany

At the beginning of 2023, road traffic in Germany not only set a record. For the first time, around 48.76 million vehicles were registered as many cars as never before.

And the number of registered electric cars was also able to climb to a new high. Because as of January 1, 2023, 1.01 million electric cars were registered in Germany. A milestone, because at the end of 2022 the one million mark was broken for the first time.

The charging stations for electric cars are also making steady progress. In the second quarter of 2023, the number of charging stations in Germany was around 33,100. An increase of around 6,000 stations compared to the same quarter of the previous year.

How many charging points are there actually?

However, the number of charging stations in Germany does not provide direct information on how many cars can actually be charged there. Because there are usually several charging points at a charging station – drivers can therefore connect more than one car to the electricity at the same time.

According to the map and navigation service Here Technologies, Germany currently has 105,236 public charging points. According to the provider, an average of 27 electric cars share a public charging station in Germany. The Spiegel has again visualized Here’s map on its website.

For comparison: In the Netherlands there are only seven electric cars per public charging station, in Luxembourg eleven. With 28 e-cars per column, France is just behind Germany.

Regional differences: nearby charging stations

The picture of charging stations in Germany is meanwhile extremely unevenly distributed. Here, conurbations and large cities in particular determine the list of charging stations per ten square kilometers.

Stuttgart tops the list with 23.2 charging locations per ten square kilometers. It is followed by Munich with 20.3 and Regensburg with 19.5. This is followed by many other cities, which occupy the first forty places in the ranking.

Mettmann in North Rhine-Westphalia is at the top of the counties with 5.9 charging locations. The district of Mecklenburgische Seenplatte brings up the rear. Although this is the largest in Germany in terms of area, it only has 0.1 locations for public charging.

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