Apple has released a new update for the iPhone with iOS 17.3. It is primarily intended to fix minor errors and close security gaps. But there are also some new functions on board – for example improved theft protection.

Apple has released a new iPhone update with iOS 17.3, which many users are likely to have been eagerly awaiting. In addition to some small bug fixes, new functions are also included. Probably the most important: improved theft protection.

Apple releases iOS 17.3

Apple announced the Stolen Device Protection feature some time ago. It is now included in iOS 17.3 and is intended to protect users if their iPhone is stolen and the thief knows their PIN code.

The background: With the four to six-digit unlock code it was previously possible to access almost all iPhone applications. Numerous cases are now known in which thieves first spied on users entering their PIN and then stole their iPhone.

Using the code, they were then able to lock users out of their Apple ID and read passwords using the so-called keychain – sometimes also for banking apps. With iOS 17.3, Apple now wants to prevent such cases. Using the “Protection for Stolen Devices” function, users can specify that Face ID or fingerprints will be required for certain actions in the future.

This is in the new iPhone update

Apple has also presented a few additional functions with iOS 17.3. For example, in the future it will be possible to create so-called collaborative playlists with other users in Apple Music.

Individual songs can be commented on by the users involved with an emoji. In order to be able to stream content directly on a TV, Airplay also receives optimized support in selected hotels. According to Apple, accident detection for the iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 should now be better.

With iOS 17.3, the iPhone company is also fixing some small bugs in WebKit. The update would also close various security gaps. However, Apple did not reveal any exact details.

Install iOS 17.3

iOS 17.3 has been available for free download since January 22, 2023. Apple traditionally recommends prompt installation. The new iPhone update is available for all models starting with the iPhone XS. The version can be changed via the device settings under “Generally” and “Software update“ can be downloaded.

With iPadOS 17.3, Apple has also presented a new update for the iPad. The new software is available for all devices from the second generation iPad Pro (12.9 inch), the third generation iPad Pro (10.5 inch), the first generation iPad Pro (11 inch) and the third generation iPad Air generation available. This also applies to the normal sixth generation iPad and the fifth generation iPad Mini.

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