Your new Samsung Galaxy S24 accompanies you through life day after day, whether at work or privately. It carries a lot with you, whether in your handbag or trouser pocket, whether in a meeting or on vacation at the beach. So that it serves you faithfully for a long time, you naturally want to protect it optimally. In this article we will show you how this works and how TORRAS products can give you a worry-free everyday life.

There are many smartphone cases, but let's be honest: some are pretty impractical. It's not suitable for everyday use and yet you want your brand new Samsung Galaxy S24 to be well protected. It accompanies you every step of the way and experiences a lot.

At TORRAS we think for ourselves. Products like the TORRAS Ostand Case or the TORRAS Screen Protector offer the protection you want without having to laboriously get to your display every time. We will introduce you to both products in detail.

To the products from TORRAS

One for everything: The TORRAS Ostand Case All-In-One

The TORRAS Ostand for the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra and the Samsung Galaxy S24 combines the best TORRAS elements. It is a smartphone protective case with MagSaf functionality, stand and ring-shaped holder. This protective case for the Samsung Galaxy S24 and S24 Ultra can be used in a variety of ways.

The TORRAS Ostand is ideal for the car if you need your smartphone for navigation and always want to have everything in view. You can also conveniently place your cell phone on your desk and take part in video conferences without having to constantly hold it.


The Ostand also sits comfortably in your hand when you read or write something on your smartphone. It doesn't matter whether you use your smartphone vertically or horizontally, the Ostand can do both. The hinged ring prevents it from slipping through your fingers.

It also reliably protects your Samsung Galaxy S24, for example thanks to the X-Shock 4.0 technology, which is produced according to military standards and is used in the corners of the protective case. Raised case and camera edges make it difficult to scratch the surface and therefore provide additional protection for your smartphone.

Perfect addition: The TORRAS Screen Protector

The TORRAS case can be perfectly rounded off with the TORRAS screen protector for the Samsung Galaxy 24 Ultra and the Samsung Galaxy 24. This covers your display like a second skin and, in combination with the TORRAS case, offers reliable all-round protection.

TORRAS Screen Protector Samsung Galaxy S24


The screen protector with a hardness of 9H prevents your smartphone's display from being scratched and cushions impacts. For the TORRAS Screen Protector, the company also uses materials that are usually used in aviation. And of course it was important to create a product that does not distort the colors reproduced by the display.

By the way, you can use the S Pen despite the screen protector. During development, TORRAS ensured that the use of the pen was not affected by the protective film.

The TORRAS Ostand and the screen protector are not only available for the Samsung Galaxy S24 series, but also for all iPhone models from the iPhone 12 onwards. With the discount code “BASICT10” you currently save 10 percent on all orders.

To the products from TORRAS


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