Apple released the Stolen Device Protection feature with iOS 17.3. It is intended to stop thieves by protecting the application via Face ID or fingerprint. We'll tell you how you can activate the theft protection.

With your four or six digit unlock code you can access almost all applications on your iPhone. For example, you can unlock your device, make transfers or view your passwords using the so-called key ring.

Like that Wall Street Journal reports that more and more criminals are now taking advantage of this. According to the report, they specifically spy on iPhone users when they enter their PIN code – for example in public transport or bars. They then steal the iPhone.

Apple releases anti-theft feature

With the discovered unlock code you have access to the device. They gain access to passwords, lock users out of their Apple ID or, in the worst case, even empty their bank accounts. Dem Wall Street Journal According to their own statements, hundreds of such cases are known.

Apple has therefore now acted and the function “Stolen Device Protection” released with the iPhone update iOS 17.3. The theft protection is relatively simple, but also effective. You can use the function to specify that Face ID or fingerprint will be required for certain actions in the future.

Activate “Stolen Device Protection” on your iPhone – here’s how

Specifically, this means: Even if criminals spy on your unlock code and steal your iPhone, they will no longer have access to certain applications. To activate the Stolen Device Protection feature, you must do the following:

  1. First click on “Settings
  2. Then select the tab “Face ID & Code” out of
  3. Now enter your code
  4. Scroll down to “Protection for stolen devices” to activate the function

Important: You will only find the function if you have previously installed iOS 17.3. According to Apple, the additional security clearances via FaceID or fingerprint only work if your iPhone is not in a familiar place such as home or work. In unfamiliar locations, Stolen Device Protection provides the following functionality:

  • Using passwords or keys stored in the keychain
  • Use payment methods stored in Safari (autofill)
  • Disabling Lost Mode
  • Deleting all content and settings
  • Apply for a new Apple Card
  • View the Apple Card virtual card number
  • Perform certain Apple Cash and Savings actions in Wallet (e.g. Apple Cash or Savings transfers)
  • Using iPhone to set up a new device (e.g. Quick Start)

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