iOS 16.4 is now available for free download. With the new update, Apple is bringing numerous new functions and new emojis to the iPhone. An overview.

Around six weeks after the release of iOS 16.3.1, Apple released a new iPhone update. However, unlike the previous version, iOS 16.4 is not a security update but primarily a feature update. Because: The new software brings numerous new features to the iPhone.

iOS 16.4: Apple releases new iPhone update

With iPadOS 16.4, Apple has also released a new iPad update. According to the company’s official release notes, both updates also close dozens of security gaps that could have been exploited by attackers. However, the focus of the new Apple updates are the new functions – and numerous new emojis.

The most important bug fixes: iOS 16.4 fixes a security hole that apparently allowed third-party providers to access user contacts via their apps. Another vulnerability also appears to have allowed applications to access sensitive information and data.

iPhone update: These are the new emojis and features

One of the most important innovations: iPhone users can now display notifications from web apps on the home screen. This is intended to facilitate access to information without having to access the applications. iOS 16.4 also improves the Voice Isolation function to block out ambient noise even better when making calls.

Meanwhile, a new accessibility preference can automatically dim videos when your iPhone detects blinking lights or strobe lights. This is supposed to help people who are sensitive to light. In Austria and Switzerland, the “Visual Lookup” function is now available.

Users can use it to call up information from images – for example recognized plants and names. Apple is also optimizing accident detection on the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro models with iOS 16.4. Because the function worked when skiing, for example, although there was no accident. This in turn led to unnecessary calls to the emergency call centers.

Also on board iOS 16.4: A collection of 31 new emojis – including a shaking face, a goose, a simple pink heart and some plants, among others.

Install iOS 16.4

iOS 16.4 has been available for free download since March 27, 2023. Apple traditionally recommends timely installation. The new iPhone update is available for all models from iPhone 8 onwards. The version can be downloaded via the device settings under “General” and “Software update”.

With iPadOS 16.4, the US group has also released a new update for the iPad. The new iPad software is available for all Pro models, all iPads Air from the third generation and all iPads and iPad Minis from the fifth generation. Also: New updates for Safari, the Apple Watch and numerous Mac models.

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