In the future, Zoom will rely on artificial intelligence to make its video conferences more efficient. To do this, the company integrates an AI algorithm from ChatGPT developer OpenAI into its tool.

The subject of artificial intelligence (AI) seems to be on everyone’s lips. Large corporations like Google and Microsoft are fighting for the best algorithm. At the same time, OpenAI demonstrated that even relatively small players can get involved in the AI ​​competition. In addition to the integration in search engines, AI will apparently also be used in video tools in the future.

At least that’s how software company Zoom Video Communications sees it. The developer behind the video chat of the same name announced that it would integrate OpenAI algorithms into its tool. The focus is initially on summarizing conferences. The AI ​​should play spoken content for chat participants.

Zoom artificial intelligence summarizes content from conferences

This has several advantages. In this way, all participants can concentrate on the conference and, based on the minutes, receive the most important content bundled afterwards. At the same time, the notoriously late colleague knows what he missed in the first few minutes.

The company is building the new function into its Zoom IQ toolbox. This already includes some help for video conferences, which have been established for about a year. By integrating the OpenAI algorithm, users should also have other options beyond the transcription.

Zoom: AI tools available for selected users from April

For example, the AI ​​creates whiteboards from previous sessions or summarizes entire chat threads. Similar to Gmail, the tool also suggests possible answers to a chat conversation. If participants activate Zoom’s email functionality, the algorithm will also send meeting summaries and other emails based on drafts.

It is still unclear when the new functions will be available across the board. Zoom is already integrating the AI ​​assistant in April, but initially for selected customers. Nevertheless, the tool should also be generally available soon. Finally, Microsoft has already introduced the integration of AI into its own tool Teams.

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