With Apple Music Classical, the iPhone becomes a concert hall. Because with the new app, Apple will in future offer its own app for all classical music fans. We’ll show you what the app can do.

Apple took over Primephonic, the streaming service for classical music, at the end of August 2021. Even then, the iPhone group announced that it wanted to launch its own app with this addition to its portfolio.

This is now available for all classic music fans in Apple’s App Store. According to Apple, the streaming platform offers the world’s “largest classical catalogue” with more than five million titles and “in the highest available sound quality” – Hi-Res Lossless with a maximum resolution of 192 kHz/24 bit. The search function is also tailored to the music genre.

Apple Music Classical for classical music fans

Lovers of classical music will no longer have to frolic in the Apple Music app. The iPhone group has now developed its own app for fans of classical music.

The basis for this is the former Primephonic platform, in which Apple has supplemented the “appreciated user interface” with “additional functions”.

Improved search function for classical music

After acquiring Primephonic, Apple initially integrated the catalog into its Apple Music streaming app. However, the search here is not tailored to the needs of classic fans.

Because in the new app, they can no longer just search by title, album or artist. The search function at Apple Music Classical allows users to search for works, composers or catalog numbers. The music library can also be searched for conductors in the new classical music app.

Apple Music Classical: Learn more about composers

Another feature that should please lovers of classical music is the ability to read more information. This includes, among other things, biographies of composers.

Apple has added special pages for the most famous of them. Here users can browse the works of individual artists or read more information about the works or the people.

Here’s how to use Apple Music Classical

To access the music library on Apple Music Classical, you must have a valid Apple Music subscription. If you have such a subscription, there are no additional costs.

You can install the app on your iPhone or iPod. However, the prerequisite is that your operating system runs at least iOS 15.4.

But Android users still have to be patient. However, a separate app should also follow here.

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