Cars have different defects depending on their age group. However, some used cars still deliver solid results in the general inspections. In In our weekly ranking we show you the best used cars in Germany according to TÜV in the age group up to 13 years.

Whether inflation, high interest rates or diesel driving bans: many drivers are currently unsettled. This is also reflected in the stagnating market. More and more people therefore seem to prefer to rely on their old cars or invest in a used car instead of investing in a new car.

According to the TÜV report 2024, the average age of the vehicle fleet in Germany has even reached a new high: ten years. However, some people continue to drive their cars for a few years longer. The TÜV therefore took a closer look at the defect rates of the various vehicles in the individual car age groups. The result: Some older used cars also perform surprisingly well.

The best used cars in Germany – age group up to 13 years

The main inspection results of all TÜV companies in Germany are included in the TÜV report. In 2024, that's more than ten million general inspections between July 2022 and June 2023. In the following ranking, we show you the ten best used cars in Germany in the age group up to 13 years, based on the rate of significant defects (EM).

10th place: Mini

With a EM quota of 23.2 percent The Mini takes tenth place in the ranking of the best used cars in the age group up to 13 years. The most common defects include increased steering play and poor rear braking. Oil loss is also often noticed during general inspections.

10th place: Mini. (Photo: BMW Group)

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