“Accelerating Change from Berlin”: This is the motto under which the Greentech Festival 2024 will take place from May 15th to 17th, 2024 – for the first time at Messe Berlin. As a media partner, we asked founder Marco Voigt a few questions in advance.

The Greentech Festival was launched in 2019 by Nico Rosberg and Marco Voigt and will take place for the first time at Messe Berlin from May 15th to 17th, 2024 under the motto “Accelerating Change from Berlin”.

Over 20,000 visitors will come together in a total of four halls. More than 250 exhibitors will represent their products and companies. There will also be over 200 speakers speaking about green technology topics on six stages. We asked Greentech founder Marco Voigt a few questions in advance.

Marco Voigt: 5 questions to the founder of the Greentech Festival

BASIC thinking: What was the main reason for creating the Greentech Festival?

The history of the Greentech Festival goes far beyond our six-year anniversary. The vision of a green award ceremony gave rise to the Clean Tech Media Awards (later GreenTec Awards) in 2008, which offered the appropriate international stage to innovative environmental projects and people who stand for further development in the direction of nature, environmental and resource protection.

Together with Nico Rosberg, who was one of the winners of the Green Tec Awards at the time, the idea of ​​a global platform that stands for technology and sustainability and promotes discussions about the necessary change was born – the Greentech Festival.

Until then, a concept of this kind did not exist, even though climate change was already an important and highly relevant topic back then. Today, in addition to the Green Awards, the GTF includes the two-day conference and our exhibition and has developed into a leading event for sustainable technologies and innovations in Europe with further international events in Los Angeles, Singapore and London in addition to Berlin.

What is the most pressing question for you regarding the future of green technologies?

The most pressing question regarding the future of green technologies is how we can use them effectively and as quickly as possible to tackle the climate crisis. It is essential that we not only look at one technological area, but also at different and diverse focus areas, such as mobility, energy, smart cities or AI.

That's why the Greentech Festival acts as an international platform that highlights a wide range of topics, innovations and ideas as part of the exhibition and conference in order to find the best solutions in the fight against the climate crisis.

Das Greentech Festival 2024

What are you most looking forward to at this year’s Greentech Festival?

It's always very special to finally stand on the site after months of preparation and see how everything planned is being implemented.

This year in particular is very exciting for the entire team and also for me, as the Greentech Festival is taking place at Messe Berlin for the first time and is bigger than ever. Above all, I am looking forward to experiencing new ideas, unique innovations and inspiring lectures and getting to know the exciting exhibitors and speakers.

Ideally, what remains after the event?

As a global platform that stands for technology and sustainability, we want to connect the right companies, experts, politicians and business personalities with each other.

The aim is to create collaborative approaches for new and future-oriented initiatives beyond the Greentech Festival. Only if we exchange ideas, join forces and work together on the best solutions can we advance the green transition and overcome the climate crisis.

What happens after the festival? and: What further plans are you pursuing with a view to the future?

The aim is to further strengthen our pioneering role as a leading event for sustainable technologies and innovations in Europe from our main location in Berlin and at the same time expand the international events. Sustainability is a global issue and that is why we want to set international impulses from Berlin in Europe and around the world.

With our motto this year “Accelerating Change from Berlin” we are consciously focusing on Berlin as an innovation location and incubator for green change. In the future, a central aspect of the Greentech Festival will continue to be to create a space for discourse by bringing together relevant actors from politics, science, industry, business and society to work together to counteract the climate crisis.

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Source: https://www.basicthinking.de/blog/2024/04/30/greentech-festival-2024-5-fragen-an-gruender-marco-voigt/

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