In a study, researchers demonstrated the extent to which AI can predict people's political attitudes based on facial scans. The backgrounds.

The political landscape is broad. But the latest study results show that a facial expression alone is enough to identify political attitudes. At least according to new research from the Stanford University Graduate School of Business.

A recently published research paper suggests that artificial intelligence (AI) can predict political orientation based on a facial scan. A neutral facial expression is sufficient. For their analysis, the research team invited 591 participants to first fill out a political questionnaire. An algorithm then received the information about the people.

AI recognizes political attitudes based on facial expressions

The AI ​​did not have any age, gender or ethnicity data available to it. Nevertheless, the system was able to determine the political orientation of the participants with a high level of accuracy. Prediction accuracy improved even further after information about participants' age, gender, and ethnicity was taken into account.

The research team also analyzed differences between the average facial contours of people with extremely liberal or conservative views. They found that liberals tend to have “smaller lower faces” and “downward-shifted lips and noses.” Conservative people, on the other hand, would have a larger jawline. These physical characteristics could influence social expectations and personality development.

Systems could pose a massive threat to our democracy

The study raises fundamental questions about the use of biometric surveillance technology. The ability to recognize political orientations could play a role, particularly in the advertising industry. Parties could deliver targeted political advertising to potential supporters.

The technology therefore has enormous potential for misuse. The results suggest that facial recognition technologies may be more politically and ethically dangerous than previously thought.

The study results are also a wake-up call. The research team therefore calls for a critical examination of the ethical limits of technology in our society. This is the only way to preserve a free and democratic society in the long term.

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