Many people have to go to the toilet frequently at night. For a more peaceful sleep, it can be enough to reduce your smartphone time. A current study shows a connection between screen time and the need to urinate at night.

Researchers at Wenzhou Medical University in China investigated the reasons for the urge to urinate at night as part of a recent study. Their result: People who spend a lot of time in front of screens have to go to the toilet more often at night.

Going to the toilet at night: is the smartphone to blame?

Nocturia: This is the medical term for regular need to urinate at night. According to researchers from China, the risk of suffering from the phenomenon increases by around 48 percent with a lot of screen time.

Specifically, this means that anyone who spends more than five hours a day on their smartphone or in front of the television has to go to the toilet more often at night and has more restless sleep. However, according to the researchers, this phenomenon diminishes as soon as one's screen time is reduced over a longer period of time.

Restless sleep: Smartphone is just one of many causes

Why and to what extent smartphone use causes nighttime urination is still unclear. However, the researchers assume that regular physical inactivity, which is accompanied by a lot of screen time, increases the risk of water retention in the legs and ankles.

These can in turn increase the need to urinate at night. However, not only can Nyuktria be annoying, but it can also pose a health risk. In addition to a restless beat and an impaired quality of life, according to the scientists, there is also an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

But smartphones are not the only reason for this. According to the US health platform Healthline, aging, hormonal fluctuations and fluid intake before bed also play a role. Additionally, certain medications and illnesses can affect your ability to sleep at night.

The researchers recommend that anyone who has to go to the toilet several times a night and has not drunk much beforehand should clarify the causes with a doctor.

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