If you want to build a successful business, you have to deal with customer feedback sooner rather than later. But effective review management goes far beyond collecting and responding to feedback. It enables in-depth analyzes for strategic decisions in the areas of marketing, quality management and product development. That's why we'll show you how gominga can help you improve the reputation of your brand and your business.

What is Review Management?

Reviews in online shops and on review portals enable customers to publish their honest opinions about your company or your products. You can use this feedback to present yourself and your company and improve your reputation.

Review management includes not only the cross-platform monitoring and management of feedback, but also the analysis of the data obtained and its evaluation. This is the only way you can develop a sensible strategy and make groundbreaking decisions for the future. In addition, analysis tools such as the gominga Review Manager can help you identify trends, better understand customer needs and optimize marketing strategies based on this.

How review management advances your business

In order for review management to have a positive impact on your brand or business, you must – as in all disciplines of everyday professional life – always stay on the ball. If you manage to successfully master review management, your business will benefit from many valuable advantages. These include, for example:

  • Building a positive (online) reputation: Customers like to feel valued. That's why it's well received if you respond to feedback and take it seriously. Hollow phrases, on the other hand, have a counterproductive effect.
  • Building trust with customers: A positive reputation is accompanied by building trust and stronger customer loyalty. Your customers see that you are addressing their concerns and that there is a person there who cares.
  • Improve your products and services: Customers report the same problems again and again? Take your lessons from it and work out a solution. You can gain valuable insights into customer feedback using text mining and sentiment analysis. In addition, detailed analyzes and reports help you refine your marketing strategies and drive innovation in product development.
  • Search engines will love you: Anyone who has a good online reputation will appear earlier in search results. In addition, answering feedback has a positive effect on your visibility and therefore also the SEO rankings. Why not use an answer to link to a specific (useful) location on your website?

The five pillars of successful review management

Below we will introduce you to the five pillars of review management.

Review generation

Sell ​​your products on your chosen platforms, which you promote with a sophisticated marketing strategy. This can also include content marketing, which can attract comments about your products. Ask questions and speak to your customers directly.


Track reactions to your products and the content you use to promote your products.


Respond consistently and strategically to feedback to show that you see your customers' reactions and take them seriously.


Present the collected data clearly so that clear patterns can be identified.


Evaluate the collected functions for market research and competition analysis. The gominga Review Manager allows you to evaluate your market position and make strategic decisions that can impact both your marketing and product development.

Effective review management with sophisticated software solutions

It is almost impossible to collect and evaluate feedback across platforms manually. Software solutions such as gominga's Review Manager help here, as they bundle the reviews from the desired platforms so that you can respond quickly and efficiently to a large number of reviews. Through its analysis functions, it not only offers you a comprehensive overview of customer perception, but also provides you with deeper insights into specific aspects such as product features, service quality and customer preferences.

A solution like gominga also makes collecting and evaluating data easier. Not only can you see all the feedback clearly, but you can also draw the right conclusions using the integrated analysis tools. In addition, the gominga Review Manager can be easily integrated into your existing CRM systems such as Zendesk.

You can find out more about the Review Manager here

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