The right lighting plays a crucial role in creating a relaxed atmosphere in the pool. Light not only embodies well-being. At the same time, light releases emotions and conveys a feeling of security. These effects sweeten the stay in an outdoor swimming pool significantly.

Light sources through the ages

For a long time, the sun was the only source of light for humans. Around 300,000 years ago, humans used fire as a source of light and heat for the first time. From the late 1870s, the age of electric lighting was ushered in. Today, light is subject to a dynamic process. For example, LED modules are being used more and more frequently.

Very trendy: LED lighting in the pool

These effective light accents are also very popular as LED lighting in the pool. The LEDs – light-emitting diodes – convince with a long service life, a comprehensive color spectrum, high luminosity and low power consumption.

All of these benefits leave a lasting effect in a pool.

Especially in the evening hours, it is a feast for the eyes to see the fully illuminated pools – both inside and outside the water. Light creates a fascinating effect in the water. In the swimming pool, a look into the depth is possible, while swimming or from outside.

LED lighting in the pool
The LEDs – light-emitting diodes – convince with a long service life, a comprehensive color spectrum, high luminosity and low power consumption – Bild: © Eric #358223372 –

LEDs with different functions

A trend towards LED lamps has long since emerged in pool lighting. This form of lighting scores with low energy consumption and a long service life. A compact design speaks for pool LEDs as well as low maintenance or the lack of heating when used in the water for a long time. The underwater lights are designed to even support light shows or color changes that can be coordinated by controllers over WiFi or the Internet.

Depending on the model, underwater spotlights shine in different basic colors. In addition, underwater lamps with halogen lighting are also commercially available, but these cause relatively high electricity costs. A special eye-catcher guarantee are LED underwater lights with battery. Pool owners simply attach these lights to the pool wall with a suction cup. Alternatively, the battery-powered light sources are suitable as floating lights. For permanent pool lighting, it makes sense to use built-in lamps.

Lamp types at a glance

Underwater floodlights are available in various designs. An example is a built-in lamp that is placed in a niche, while an associated cable is routed through a protective hose to a transformer. An important prerequisite for this concept is that the transformer is located in a protected area and supplies pool lamps with power.

A surface mounted light, on the other hand, is a good choice for adding lighting to a pool.

The lamp is attached to the pool using a lock nut. Anyone who decides on a hanging lamp for the pool does not necessarily have to use niches by the pool. Instead, the concept of the headlights is to simply plug them into the pool. This type of lighting is particularly suitable for in-ground swimming pools.

Underwater floodlights are available in various designs
Underwater floodlights are available in various designs – Bild: © Mihai Simonia #41068384 –

Pay attention to high quality

If you want to enjoy the pool lighting over a longer period of time, you should pay attention to the high quality of the lighting technology. The lights are available in either white or different colors. In case of doubt, pool owners are actually well advised to opt for brand quality lighting technology.
In general, it is important that pool lights are water-resistant according to protection class IP68. In addition, the lighting should be airtight and chlorine vapor resistant.

Choice and installation tips

In general, pool owners should ensure that they always use special swimming pool lights for underwater lighting. These light sources should be suitable for installation in or on the pool walls. Illuminated water increases safety when using the pool.

In order to ensure smooth operation of the technology, the lighting should always be installed by a specialist.

If there is no underwater lighting, light coming from outside the pool may create disturbing reflections on the water. For orientation lighting, mast and bollard lights with a low mounting height and an illuminance of ten lux are particularly well suited.


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