The European Union (EU) is apparently currently working on a ban on cloud services against Russia. The project was originally even part of the current sanctions package, but was then canceled without comment. According to an EU official, a cloud ban is technically complicated to implement.

The European Union (EU) recently decided on new sanctions against Russia due to the ongoing war in Ukraine. The package apparently also provides for a ban on the use of European cloud services. An EU official told the news agency Reuters With.

According to this, however, the measures have not yet been decided, as they are technically very complex. Since the largest cloud providers in Europe, including Amazon, Google and Microsoft, are US companies, it is also unclear how an EU ban on cloud services would actually affect it.

Cloud ban technically difficult to implement

The European Union passed new sanctions against Russia and Belarus just last week. They include, among other things, an oil embargo and other measures against Russian banks. According to Reuters, an original version of the June 3 sanctions planned by the EU also included a ban on cloud services.

However, this passage was apparently deleted and is no longer included in a current EU declaration. An EU spokesman said it was a “material error”. It is not yet clear whether there was any debate at all.

On the other hand, an official familiar with EU sanctions said the European Commission has not yet proposed a cloud ban. However, he added that work is being done to integrate such a measure into a future sanctions package. However, this is technically difficult to implement.

War in Ukraine: Sixth package of sanctions against Russia

Meanwhile, Mykhailo Podolyak, adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, tweeted that the EU initially announced a cloud ban but then removed the announcement without clarification. The current and thus sixth package of sanctions against Russia does not yet contain a cloud ban.

In response to the Ukraine war, numerous companies withdrew from Russia. Among other things, tech giants such as Netflix, PayPal and Apple have restricted their services or even shut them down completely. Meanwhile, Amazon has stopped shipping to Russia.

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