Content that fits the target group and can also be found – this is possible with the right AI commands, says guest author Henrik Roth.
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A contribution from Henrik Roth. He is co-founder and CMO of Neuroflash from Frankfurt. The company specializes in creating content using AI, using, among other things, ChatGPT from OpenAI and offers the GDPR-compliant chatbot Chatflash.

SEO is a crucial pillar of every successful internet presence. The use of artificial intelligence (AI) within search engine optimization (SEO) strategies opens up almost limitless possibilities for companies and startups to make website content visible. AI helps generate content that is not only… relevant and substantial are, but also precisely tailored to user search queries are. To achieve this, AI technologies are continually being developed further.

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With these SEO prompts, content fits your target group exactly

Whether it's creating new articles or improving existing content, AI acts as a catalyst for increased visibility. Here are 10 AI-powered commands that can be used to create and optimize content to exactly match your audience's search intent:

To do this, the prompts must be supplemented with your own information and then entered into the chat line of ChatGPT or another AI chatbot. With ChatGPT4 you can also enter the link to an existing article (for example in prompt 7), this article will then be analyzed.


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