Many people fear that artificial intelligence will take away their job. However, technology is also giving rise to new professions. An AI job even offers an annual salary of up to six figures – as a prompt engineer.

Since the breakthrough of ChatGPT, the topic of artificial intelligence has played an increasingly important role in society. On the one hand, technology makes many people fear for their jobs. On the other hand, AI can not only make your own work easier and optimize processes, it can also create completely new professions.

AI job with a salary of up to six figures

According to the World Economic Forum's (WEF) 2023 Future of Jobs Report, artificial intelligence and machine learning specialists top the list of the fastest-growing jobs in the world. While some of these jobs are yet to emerge, others already exist.

One of these professions is that of the prompt engineer – i.e. the prompt engineer or prompt editor. Many companies, especially in the USA, are currently looking for talent and young professionals to fill vacancies in this area. According to the professional network Xing, some employers even offer annual salaries of up to $300,000.

→ Here you can find open positions as prompt engineers in the USA.

Jobs in Germany: What is a Prompt Engineer?

But prompt engineers are also in demand in Germany and Europe. The salaries are lower in this country, but they are still extremely lucrative compared to many other jobs. Depending on training, experience and qualifications, a prompt engineer in Germany earns an annual salary of around 45,000 to 90,000 euros.

Prompt editors are particularly sought after because they develop precise and creative instructions (prompts) to get AI models to generate particularly effective and interesting texts and content. A prompt is equivalent to an instruction that tells an AI in text form what it should do. Specifically, this means: What the user wants.

This can be one or more sentences, keywords or complex commands over several lines. For companies, the resulting content is now like a currency and can provide a competitive advantage.

Because the better the prompt or the prompt engineer, the better the results. These can in turn help to increase your own visibility, optimize processes, make activities easier and ultimately increase sales.

→ Here you can find open positions as a prompt engineer in Germany.

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