In the “Homescreen!” series we present the homescreens of people from the social media, marketing, media and tech industries – including app recommendations and tips for everything from to-do lists to small games in between. Today: William Gill, Chief Product & Technology Officer at Plugsurfing.

My start screen is basically very clearly laid out and is limited to the apps that I use frequently: For everyday work, but also for private exchanges and the breaks in between.

Small helpers for project management and communication with each other

The most important tool on my home screen is definitely Notion (for Android). We use the software to manage all the projects of our teams at Plugsurfing. The great thing about Notion: we always have an overview of who is working on what, can give feedback quickly and thus drive our projects forward effectively and efficiently.

But I also use messenger services such as Slack (for Android) and WhatsApp (for Android) to exchange information quickly with my team or private contacts. Apple’s messaging and phone apps shouldn’t be missing either.

I use Todoist (for Android) so that I can keep an eye on all my business and private tasks for the future. I’ve also added two widgets to my home screen that show me my appointments and the weather forecast for the day.

Der Homescreen von William Gill, Chief Product & Technology Officer bei Plugsurfing.

For a better driving experience with the electric car

I live in Brandenburg, a little outside of Berlin. However, our office is in Neukölln, where I commute to by electric car. I am therefore dependent on fast routes. Google Maps (for Android) offers the best service. For example, the live traffic data also shows me alternative routes, which I can use to save a lot of time.

Of course, I also have the Plugsurfing app (for Android) on my smartphone. In this way, I can always find the right charging station for my e-car and can also cover longer distances – you can read about how well this works in one of my blog posts.

Everything safe at home?!

I installed the “Ring Home Alarm System” at home, with two bells and several cameras facing the garden. I can also use the Ring app (for Android) to monitor this system on the go and keep an eye on the security of my home.

The lighting in the house is smart and can be controlled centrally via the Hue app and voice-controlled Alexa. To relax in between, I loaded the Apple Podcasts app and Spotify (for Android) on my home screen.

My favorite podcasts include “The Vergecast” for general tech news, “Fully Charged” and “Freakonomics” for economics and psychology topics, but also electric car news. So I always have an optimal overview of the e-mobility industry.

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