Meta Quest Pro will be delivered from the end of October, but not in Germany. Also: Google and Coinbase are working together and Delta Air Lines is getting involved with Joby Aviation.

In the US, the new VR glasses from Meta will be available for sale from October 25th. So far it is not available in Germany.

Good morning! While you slept, work continued elsewhere in the digital scene.

The top topics:

Meta-CEO Mark Zuckerberg has unveiled his company’s latest virtual reality headset, dubbed the Meta Quest Pro. The VR glasses will cost $1,500 and will ship on October 25th. Zuckerberg presented the new device at Meta’s Connect conference, which is aimed at VR and augmented reality developers. MicrosoftCEO Satya Nadella also made an appearance at the online event. He announced a partnership with Meta aimed at bringing some of his company’s work collaboration apps to Quest VR devices.

The headset incorporates new technologies such as an advanced Snapdragon mobile computer chip co-developed with Qualcomm. This allows the device to create better graphics. Quest Pro also features improved touch controllers with embedded sensors that allow for better hand tracking and new lenses for an improved reading experience. The new headset includes some mixed reality features that can merge elements of the virtual world with the physical world. Zuckerberg has touted this as an important feature in creating the Metaverse, a digital world that people can access through VR and AR headsets. [Mehr bei CNBC, Bloomberg und Handelsblatt]

on Founder Scene: Well-known scene heads like Julian Teiche or the founders of Hometogo, Shutterstock and Onefootball have in the craftsman app Handly of the young founder Bastian Meyer invested. We have the pitch deck, with which Meyer completed his current financing round of 1.5 million euros, exclusively for you. [Mehr bei Gründerszene+]

And here are the other headlines of the night:

Google has a collaboration with the crypto exchange on Tuesday Coinbase announced. The tech company plans to let customers pay for cloud services with cryptocurrencies in early 2023. At the same time, Coinbase announced that it would use Google’s cloud infrastructure in the future. Coinbase shares rose as much as 8.4 percent on Tuesday in response to the announcement. Overall, however, the paper still posted a minus of over 70 percent for the year. [Mehr bei CNBC und The Information]

Delta Air Lines relies on air taxi rides to and from airports. The US airline is therefore investing 60 million US dollars in the startup Joby Aviation. The air taxi service will initially be offered in New York and Los Angeles – as soon as the permits are available. The investment buys Delta a 2% stake in Joby, which also comes from the ride-hailing company Uber is supported. Joby Aviation has been listed on the stock exchange since last year. [Mehr bei Wall Street Journal]

Uber, Doordash and Lyft had a bad day on the stock market on Tuesday. The reason for this was a proposal published by the US Department of Labor. This could pave the way for regulators and courts to classify gig workers as employees rather than independent contractors. Such a rule would increase the costs for car service providers. Lyft shares fell 12 percent on Tuesday, while Uber lost 10.4 percent and Doordash six percent. [Mehr bei Techcrunch und CNBC]

Layoffs: Brex, a San Francisco-based startup that provides corporate credit cards and money management services to tech companies, is laying off 136 employees. The latter corresponds to eleven percent of its workforce. Brex has shifted its focus to larger corporate clients this year and announced in June that it would no longer support smaller startups. There were also rumors about an upcoming wave of layoffs at the chip manufacturer Intel, which should primarily affect sales and marketing. Thousands of employees could be affected. [Mehr bei The Information, Techcrunch und Bloomberg]

Tiktok plans to set up fulfillment centers in the United States. This pushes the short film app to the Chinese tech group Bytedance belongs, further into the field of e-commerce. With the advance, the company is potentially demanding US heavyweights such as the online retailer Amazon out of here. [Mehr bei Axios]

Our reading tip on Gründerszene: rumors that Gorillas has been looking for a buyer for a long time. Now the talks with the Turkish market pioneer appear Can to be more specific for the first time. Our editor Lisa Ksienrzyk wrote down why the deal would make sense. [Mehr bei Gründerszene]

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