There are various alternatives for software developers to earn money with GPTs. Which model is the most worthwhile?
Holger Scheibe/Getty, Tyler Le/BI

Six months after OpenAI announced its GPTs, software developers are getting creative to monetize the applications. OpenAI launched GPTs in November 2023—custom ChatGPT applications that can create artwork, read and summarize documents, and more. In January, it launched an online store where paying ChatGPT subscribers can download and use these chatbot applications. Some compare the GPT store to the early days of the App Store, Apple's marketplace for mobile applications that launched in 2008 and ushered in the era of smartphones and the “app economy.”

How are developers paid for their GPTs?

But there is a key difference between the App Store and the GPT Store. Consumers who purchase and download an app from the App Store or other mobile marketplaces such as Google Play are charged directly. The GPT Store takes a different approach to paying software developers. They earn based on the frequency of use of their GPTs. OpenAI plans to launch the program in the first quarter of 2024. According to a March post on X, a “small group” of developers is currently testing usage-based GPT revenue.


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