Simply charge the battery and drive off: If you want to enjoy relaxing journeys in an electric car, you should follow the most important tips for using electric vehicles. This way, nothing stands in the way of a carefree journey.

Individual consumption of electric cars

A clever charging strategy is essential for a relaxed journey with an electric car. Vehicle owners are therefore well advised to familiarize themselves with the situation-specific battery consumption of the vehicle. Manufacturers provide the exact battery life under optimal conditions.

Instead, actual battery consumption depends on the situation and is influenced by factors such as speed, special features of the route or load.

In addition, systems such as heating or air conditioning also consume electricity. Interested parties can find out more about the consumption of electric cars on

Clever charging strategy
A clever charging strategy is essential for a relaxed journey with an electric car – Photo: © weyo #541633246 –

Gentle driving style

In order to use the electric car for as long as possible, careful handling of the battery is more than necessary. Frequent charging at a fast charging station can have a massive impact on the lifespan of the batteries. Experts recommend so-called slow charging. This gently charges the batteries overnight.
Electric car owners should also remember not to fully charge the lithium-ion batteries. An extreme charge level of less than 20 percent or more than 80 percent has a negative effect on the lithium-ion cells. If the vehicles are not used for a long time, it makes sense to charge the vehicles to around 80 percent every 90 days and set the long-life mode.

Careful handling of the batteryCareful handling of the battery
In order to use the electric car for as long as possible, careful handling of the battery is more than necessary – Foto: © Southworks #482617019 –

Optimal use of e-parking spaces

Since the introduction of the Electromobility Act in 2015, parking spaces for electric cars have been available in numerous municipalities and cities. The parking spaces, which are mostly free or very cheap, offer the opportunity to recharge your car battery. But there are no rules that apply uniformly across Germany.

In many regions it is common practice for vehicles parked in electric parking spaces to also be connected to a charging station.

Parking in the marked areas is reserved exclusively for designated electric vehicles. Owners of cars with combustion engines who park there are committing an administrative offence.

Tips for finding a suitable workshop

If repairs or inspections are required, drivers of electric cars must choose the right workshopHowever, not every car repair shop carries out maintenance on electric cars. In order to meet special requirements regarding the technology and functions of the vehicles, specialists working in the workshop must complete special training.
Furthermore, special equipment is required to professionally inspect or repair the vehicles.

Electric car in the workshopElectric car in the workshop
If repairs or inspections are required, drivers of electric cars must choose the right workshop – Foto: © RioPatuca Images #205026078 –

Useful information on correct behaviour at public charging stations

An optimal charging process begins at the parking lot. For example, it is important to park perfectly in free spaces and not to block neighboring charging points.

The general rule is: never pull the plug.

For a short interim charge, it is also important not to touch the plugs of other people's cars. In most cases, handling the plug in this way is not possible at all, as it could damage the charging station or the electric car.

Overview of maintenance costs for an electric car

Owners of an electric car should remember that they have to pay vehicle tax regularly. Nevertheless, drivers of electric cars benefit from tax advantages. A ten-year tax exemption is currently valid until the end of 2030 at the latest. According to the time approach, the amount of the vehicle tax is calculated based on the permissible total weight of the vehicle. The tax contribution would be due once a year. The amount of tax is calculated for every 200 kilograms or part thereof.

Good insurance for the vehicle is just as important (Car insurance for electric cars: What should you bear in mind?). However, there are no significant price differences between policies for combustion engines and electric vehicles. The amount of the policy fees is calculated according to region, type and no-claims classes. In addition, the annual mileage determines the cost of the insurance. Because experience shows that electric cars are less likely to be involved in accidents, policies for these vehicles are statistically even cheaper than policies for combustion engines. Therefore, a price comparison is definitely worthwhile for owners of an electric car.

Maintenance costs of electric carsMaintenance costs of electric cars
Drivers of electric cars benefit from tax advantages – Foto: © TheSupporter #377331523 –

Amount of charging costs

If you want to effectively save charging costs for your electric car, it is best to charge your vehicle at wallboxes. Charging at conventional household sockets or at public charging stations is very expensive, with additional costs of up to 40 cents per kilowatt hour. The cost of charging at the wallbox depends on the electricity tariff selected, the battery capacity of the electric vehicles and the average consumption of the electric cars.

Average prices for the electricity consumption of electric cars vary between six and 24 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers.

Assuming an average electricity price of 37 cents and an average consumption of 165 kWh, the cost per 100 kilometers is approximately 5.60 euros.

Information on maintenance costs

Because electric cars wear out over time, regular inspections and maintenance are essential. However, it is an advantage for owners of electric cars that maintenance on these models is around 35 percent cheaper than that of a combustion engine. The manageable maintenance costs are due to the design of the vehicles.
While a total of 17 components are installed in an electric car, the number in combustion engines rises to over 1,000. This means that the proportion of maintenance- and wear-intensive parts is also significantly lower.

However, specific amounts cannot be given, as costs for maintenance, wear and tear or service intervals vary considerably between models and brands. In this case, too, it is worth comparing the offers of several workshops.


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