Apple has released a new security update for the iPhone with iOS 16.5.1 and recommends an urgent installation. The reason: A vulnerability that was apparently exploited to inject malware into Apple devices.

iOS 16.5.1: Apple advises urgent installation

Due to a serious security vulnerability, Apple has released a new security update for the iPhone with iOS 16.5.1. The US group advises a timely installation. According to Apple, the vulnerability has probably already been actively exploited.

Both a bug in the kernel and in the WebKit would have made it possible to inject malware. In some cases, hackers have even managed to take control of individual devices. According to Apple, security researchers from Kaspersky discovered the problem first.

iPhone update: is the USB adapter working again?

According to the software company’s experts, hackers have managed to inject spyware into iPhones via iMessage in order to manipulate files and track locations. However, iOS 16.5.1 should now close this security gap.

The new iPhone update is also supposed to fix a bug that apparently caused Apple’s Lightning to USB camera adapter to stop working as usual after installing iOS 16.5. The adapter is widely used by many users to transfer photos and videos from digital camera to iPhone.

Install iOS 16.5.1

iOS 16.5.1 has been available for free download since June 21, 2023. Apple traditionally recommends timely installation. The new iPhone update is available for all models from iPhone 8 onwards. The version can be set via the device setting under “Generally” and “software update“ to be downloaded.

With iPadOS 16.5.1, the US group has also released a new update for the iPad. The new iPad software is available for all Pro models, all iPads Air from the third generation and all iPads and iPad Minis from the fifth generation. Also: New security updates for Safari, the Apple Watch and some Mac models.

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