André Christ founded his company LeanIX in 2012. Today, over 1,000 companies worldwide use the platform to maintain their IT landscape.

André Christ likes things tidy. Loose notes, used coffee cups, giveaways – none of it clutters his desk. Instead: free spaces and white walls. Only the green, oversized tennis ball on the sideboard – in his free time, Christ plays “quite ambitiously” in a Bonn club, he later says – disturbs the calm picture. But the 41-year-old doesn’t just like clean rooms. Above all, he enjoys sorting out and cleaning up outdated software for other companies. Christ therefore calls his SaaS solution “the Marie Kondo method for software”, after the Japanese tidying up expert.

Alternatively, he compares his LeanIX platform, which he built in 2012, with a “Google Maps for the IT landscape”: As with navigation via blue, yellow and red routes, the system informs employees in color blocks when IT licenses such as Salesforce are renewed and when technologies are phased out. The programs can be arranged by topic. Employees then receive information on how the systems are used: how many there are, what the monthly costs are, which ones allow for one-time logins, whether there are unnecessary duplications, where highly sensitive data is located and who has access to it.

With his platform, André Christ wants to get rid of laboriously created Excel spreadsheets, close security gaps and better distribute knowledge among the workforce. “Our customers don’t have a hundred, but between 1,000 and 20,000 different software solutions. You can’t just look at a list,” says the entrepreneur.

Large corporations such as Bosch and VW are long-standing customers


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