When your computer mouse cursor moves by itself, it can be quite annoying. We explain how this can happen and what you can do to regain control.

Who hasn’t this happened to? You’re sitting at the computer and suddenly your mouse pointer breaks out and moves on its own as if by magic. Numerous entries in help forums show that this situation occurs more frequently.

Many users quickly panic and think that their computer or mouse is broken or they have been hacked. But often there is a simple explanation behind when your mouse moves by itself and the problem can often be solved quite easily.

Out of Control: This is what you can do when your mouse moves by itself

If the mouse pointer suddenly moves, it usually has to do with minor software or hardware problems – especially if you are using Windows 10 work In many cases, simply switching the computer off and on again helps.

Sometimes you just need to unplug and reconnect your mouse. Also, it may help to use a different USB port.

Mouse moves by itself? surface check

If you have an external mouse, you may also want to look at the underside of the device. Because crumbs, dust and fluff can interfere with direct contact and thus with your device.

In addition, not all surfaces are equally suitable for optical mice. For example, if you are sitting at a wooden table with a ribbed top, the mouse may not be able to make the necessary contact.

Glass can also cause problems for your cursor. Many sensors rely on a reflective surface. This usually does not work with transparent materials. This can cause the mouse to move on its own.

If the surface is the reason, you can simply use a mouse pad. However, make sure that the surface is clean and free of disruptive factors.

Driver check can solve mouse problem

If you are using a trackpad or the pointer of your external corn is still moving uncontrollably even after the hardware check, a faulty driver could also be the problem. In this case, you should try updating or reinstalling it.

update drivers

Normally, your Windows machine should install driver updates automatically. If this is not the case, you go to the “Device Manager‘ and right-click on the appropriate mouse.

Now you choose “Characteristics“ from the menu. Under the tab “driver‘ you will find the option ‘driver To update“. In the next step you click on “Search for new drivers automatically“. If there is new software for your mouse, Windows will install it automatically.

Reinstall drivers

To reinstall your driver, go back to the “Device Manager“. There you choose your mouse right-click and click “Uninstall device“. After that you press “Alt + A‘ on your keyboard. Now you select the option “Check for hardware changes“ from the menu.

Use older drivers

Sometimes mouse problems can be related to a newer driver being faulty. In this case it can help to install an older driver. The best way to do this is to check the manufacturer’s website and download a corresponding version.

Then you go back to the “Device Manager‘ and click on the tab ‘driver To update“. Now you click on “Browse my computer for drivers“. Then select the previously downloaded driver.

Mouse moves by itself on touchpad

Your circulating cursor is not always related to an external mouse. In some cases, your laptop’s touchpad is also the cause of the problem. You should also update or reinstall your driver to test if this is the case.

Mac: Check settings and delete configuration files

Especially with Apple Macbooks it can happen that a certain setting prevents your cursor from working optimally. To fix the problem, you need to delete two configuration files. To do this, first open the Finder. Then you select the menu bar entry “Go to“ from by using the Option and Alt keys holding down Then click on the tab “Library„.

Now open the folder “Preferences“. There you look for the following files:

  • com.AppleMultitouchMouse.plist and
  • com.apple.driver.AppleBluetoothMultitouch.mouse.plist.

Delete them and then empty your trash. After that, restart your Mac. If the movements of your mouse seem unusual to you, go to the “Mouse” area in your laptop’s system settings. Check your settings there, because by deleting the configuration files you may have changed or deleted the previous settings.

If you are unsuccessful with all these tips, it could be that your touchpad, mouse or computer is actually defective. In this case, you should contact a technician and see if a repair is needed.

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