Chip manufacturer Nvidia is currently the undisputed number one in the AI ​​chip market. But that could soon change, as Google and Intel have now announced their own AI chips.

The chip manufacturer Nvidia has benefited enormously from the hype surrounding artificial intelligence. Last year alone, the company's shares rose more than 240 percent.

But Google and Intel also apparently want a piece of the AI ​​chip market pie. Both companies have now presented their latest chip models.

Intel and Google bring AI chips onto the market

Intel is probably one of the best-known chip manufacturers in the world. And Google has also been working on various models since 2015.

But now both companies want to penetrate the AI ​​chip market and have presented their new models.

With its new chip variant from the Axion series, Google is bringing a model onto the market that is said to work twice as fast as its predecessor. The company announced this in a blog post.

That's what's in Google's new Axion chip

The new chip from Google is intended to serve as the main processor, i.e. CPU, for data centers. The Google Axion Processors are based on the so-called Arm architecture and were developed specifically for data centers.

Google Cloud customers will be able to access “industry-leading performance and energy efficiency” later this year. The new Axion chip from Google is said to be 60 percent more energy efficient than comparable models.

Intel introduces new graphics processor

But not only Google, but also Intel has invested in research into AI chips. The group presented the new graphics processor (GPU) Gaudi 3 at the in-house Intel Vision 2024 conference.

This is intended to help AI systems be trained much faster than before. The company even draws a comparison with its competitor Nvidia. According to the company, the AI ​​chip Gaudi 3 is supposed to be 50 percent faster than the currently leading AI chip H100 from Nvidia.

“Innovation is advancing at an unprecedented pace, everything is enabled by silicon – and every company is quickly becoming an AI company,” explains Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger.

The Intel Gaudi 3 will power AI systems with up to tens of thousands of AI accelerators. The AI ​​chip from Intel promises four times more AI computing power and one and a half times more memory bandwidth than its predecessor.

The new chip should be available in the second quarter of this year. Intel points out that this will be available to original equipment manufacturers such as Dell, HP, Lenovo and Supermicro, among others.

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