Founders Marc Wietfeld (l.) and Alexander Boehm benefited from participating in Project A Studio.
Getty Images/ Klaus Vedfelt, Andriy Onufriyenko, Project A, Arx Landsysteme, Montamo

No cohorts, no schedule, no obligations. If it's not all that, then what is Project A's new program?

A year and a half ago, the Berlin venture capitalist Project A launched the Project A Studio. Behind this is a program that supports founders in the idea generation phase. The program content varies from founder to founder, depending on what industry they work in, what phase of idea generation they are in, and how well they know about venture capital investments. Project A hopes to use the studio to build relationships with founders early on so that they can later lead the pre-seed round as an investor. Founders receive operational support, industry expertise and find out what investors are paying attention to.


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