Google has fired an employee who claimed the company’s artificial intelligence had developed consciousness. According to lead software engineer Blake Lemoine, the AI ​​chatbot Lambda is also sentient. After he was initially on leave, he was now dismissed.

Blake Lemoine’s days at Google may be numbered. Because after the software engineer claimed last month that the Google AI LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications) had developed consciousness and feelings, he was put on leave.

The US group then dealt with Lemoine’s claims and, according to its own statements, could not find any evidence for this. However, the software developer did not want to move away from his statements. He also compared LaMDA to the consciousness of a seven or eight year old child.

Google rejects allegations as “completely unfounded”.

Google fired Blake Lemoine after a month’s paid vacation. The tech group again rejected its allegations as “completely unfounded”.

In addition, the software engineer violated company guidelines, according to the reasoning. A company spokesman told the news agency Reuters:

It is unfortunate that, despite a lengthy grapple with the issue, Blake has chosen to persistently violate clear employment and privacy policies that include the need to protect product information

Artificial Intelligence: What is LaMDA?

In May 2021, Google again stated that LaMDA, as a language model for dialog applications, is based on the research results of the US group. These would show that AI-based chatbots that train dialogues can learn to talk about almost anything.

Numerous scientists as well as Google itself therefore quickly dismissed Blake Lemoines’ claims as false. Rather, LaMDA is a complex algorithm programmed to convincingly mimic human speech and dialogue.

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