In the “Homescreen!” series we present the homescreens of people from the social media, marketing, media and tech world – including app recommendations and tips for everything from to-do lists to small games in between. Today: Peter Goeke, co-founder and CPO/CMO of the Cologne start-up DeepSkill.

I’m a local patriot…

I feel my love for the Rhineland every day: personally, professionally, but also when I look at my home screen. Contrary to my time in Hamburg, I can look back on much less rain that has been announced. Why is this so important to me?

With only two days of presence in our Cologne office, my co-founder Miriam Mertens and I rely on modern work at DeepSkill. This includes a lot of freedom and also mobile working. I take the chance and work a lot on the go. That’s why my cell phone is an important companion for me, and not just for weather updates.

Peter Goeke, co-founder and CPO/CMO of the Cologne start-up DeepSkill.

My three mobile everyday companions are: LinkedIn, Teams and Dott

LinkedIn (for Android) is an important platform for me. Not only for networking, but above all as an opportunity for storytelling. I am inspired by the different perspectives that are shared via such platforms. But I also enjoy sharing my own thoughts with the world and exchanging ideas about them.

I work with Microsoft Teams (for Android) every day. Since a large part of the communication at DeepSkill takes place via teams, the app simplifies my everyday life enormously. The quick answer in between, my appointment calendar on call, or if there is no other way, the meeting off the train. Almost a small all-round talent.

Peter Goeke, DeepSkil

The home screen of Peter Goeke, co-founder and CPO/CMO of the Cologne start-up DeepSkill.

Dott (for Android) is perhaps a little less well-known as a third app, as there are so many competing apps. Since I move a lot in the Bonn area, Dott with his e-scooters is the perfect companion for me to get from A to B quickly and save travel time.

It is not only useful for the last mile between the train station and home, but also makes the way home a lot more exciting.

My app for now and then

If “an apple a day…” is no longer enough, the doctor has to stop by, or rather I have to see the doctor. And who does not know that finding an appointment is not that easy. ClickDoc (for Android) is another very helpful app that I use.

With it, I can quickly and easily book an appointment directly into the practice’s calendar. Not bad, right? At the end of the day, what counts is what happens behind the screen or, like on my home screen, behind the weather map.

The time with my family off screen is the most valuable. The screen just stays black – that’s almost how I like it best.

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