Meta wants to decouple its virtual realm from Facebook and Instagram. For this reason, there are now Meta Accounts and Meta Horizon Profiles for logging into the Metaverse.

Just about a year ago, Meta boss Mark Zuckerberg presented the plans for his Metaverse. Now comes the next step: The group has introduced Meta Accounts and Meta Horizon Profiles.

What is behind the meta accounts?

According to the company, the meta accounts are to be rolled out step by step. Nevertheless, many users of Meta’s VR headset Quest should have had this message in their mailboxes this morning: Meta accounts are available.

You no longer need to log into your Meta VR devices with a Facebook account.

So Facebook accounts have had their day in the world around the Metaverse. The same goes for Instagram accounts too. Users can only use these to log in to the virtual meta world until January 1, 2023.

To register for a meta account, users must first update their Oculus app and VR headset to the latest software. For the rest of the transition, Meta will provide its users with a tutorial.

Meta Horizon Profiles are also new

But the meta accounts are not the only innovation for Oculus users. Once this step is completed, users can create their Meta Horizon profile. The group wants to use this to replace the Oculus accounts previously used.

Meta wants to bundle everything that has to do with avatars in the Metaverse into these profiles. In the same breath, the company dropped the term “friends” in the Metaverse. In the future, these will be called “followers”, which are very Instagram-like.

Are the new accounts visible to everyone?

There are three different privacy settings for new accounts in the Metaverse. Users can choose between “Open to Everyone”, “Friends and Family” and “Solo”.

In solo mode, users then have to actively decide on follower requests – similar to Instagram. Excluded from this are, among other things, profile picture, avatar, user name and display name. These are visible to everyone.

If you skip this selection, you will automatically be sorted into the “Friends and Family” setting. For users between the ages of 13 and 17, the Meta Horizon profile is set to private by default.

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