Like other public institutions, the Bundeswehr is continuously modernizing its IT landscape in order to meet current and future challenges, accelerate processes and ensure national and international collaboration. A large number of projects and programs in recent years are intended to make IT services more agile, more standardized, more scalable and thus faster and more secure. What is needed for this is a sustainable and solidly positioned IT management. More than 250,000 people need to be networked and the IT of the Bundeswehr needs to be set up for the future.

As experts in digitization issues, Lieutenant General Michael Vetter, the IT consulting firm CONET and the authorities Spiegel addressed the question of how strategic IT management can be successful in the Bundeswehr and in public organizations in a partner webinar.

Moderation: Dorothee Frankeditor, authorities mirror

Photo: Dominik Rüber, CONET

Dominik RüberHead of Public Sector Defense, CONET

Photo: Lieutenant General Michael Vetter, Head of the Cyber ​​and Information Technology Department and Chief Information Officer at the Federal Ministry of DefenceLieutenant General Michael VetterHead of Cyber ​​and Information Technology and Chief Information Officer at the Federal Ministry of Defence

Expert discussion with Dorothee Frank, Dominik Rüber and Lieutenant General Michael Vetter:


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  • Greeting (01:10)
  • Impulse lecture “IT management as a success factor”, Dominik Rüber (03:25)
  • Practical insight into the digitization of the Bundeswehr, Lieutenant General Michael Vetter (5:35 p.m.)
  • Panel discussion with Dorothee Frank, Dominik Rüber and Lieutenant General Michael Vetter (34:30)
    • Isolated solutions vs. standardization (34:45)
    • Digitization: management or technology issue? (37:15)
    • Bundeswehr portfolio management strategy (43:40)
    • IT Security: Showstopper of Digitization? (48:52)
    • Role of BWI GmbH (55:50)
    • Impact of the Cyber ​​Innovation Hub (01:01:30)
    • Agility in Critical Security Situations (01:10:10)
    • Are the 20 billion euros in special funds sufficient for the digitization of the Bundeswehr? (01:12:25)
    • Implementation of the planned digitization platform of the Bundeswehr (01:14:42)
    • Involvement of users in digitization processes (01:17:00)
    • Differentiation of civil and military needs (white & green IT) (01:20:10)
    • Acceptance of the digitization measures of the Bundeswehr in the organizational areas (01:21:35)
  • Closing statements (01:23:40)

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Photo: Josephine Jaguste

Josephine Jaguste is Communication Manager at CONET since May 2016.


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