Your iPhone accompanies you faithfully and constantly throughout your everyday life. But everyday life demands a lot from him. To ensure that your iPhone 15 can cope with daily challenges without leaving any visible marks, you can protect it effectively with a robust case. Strong iPhone cases are one thing. Cases that are elegant at the same time and give you the greatest possible flexibility with a ring stand are the other thing. The TORRAS Ostand Spin combines everything in one.

The Ostand Spin from TORRAS is the perfect example of how a sturdy iPhone case with a ring stand that rotates 360 degrees doesn't have to be bulky and ugly. Like all other smartphone cases from TORRAS, the Ostand Spin is slim and elegant.


Here you come to the TORRAS Ostand Spin

No matter whether you place your iPhone on the table in front of you or carry it in your pocket, you will hardly notice that your faithful companion is well protected. The professionals at TORRAS rely on strong, state-of-the-art materials that prevent your smartphone from being damaged even in the event of a fall. These features particularly characterize the Ostand Spin:

Invisible ring stand

The round, fold-out base is also significant – especially because it is almost invisible. And incredibly practical. The ring stand can be rotated 360 degrees, allowing you to always place your smartphone exactly where you need it.

On the one hand, this is of course ideal for video conferences and longer telephone calls. You can also be creative with photos and videos – the stand accommodates all your ideas!



When you hold your iPhone in your hand, you always have a firm grip on it thanks to the east position – you don't have to worry about it simply slipping between your fingers. And if that should happen, the iPhone case cushions the impact accordingly.

If you fold the ring stand, it fits almost seamlessly into the design and disappears from view.

Magsafe compatibility

The TORRAS Ostand Spin, like many other TORRAS models, is compatible with MagSafe technology and corresponding MagSafe accessories. Accordingly, despite the iPhone case, you still benefit from the ability to charge your cell phone quickly and wirelessly.


Shock absorbing properties

The Ostand Spin is made of high quality materials. In 2024, TORRAS even set a new record with this iPhone case: In the drop test, not a single iPhone was damaged in over 3,000 simulated falls from a height of 3.66 meters. You can be sure that your smartphone is well protected with this case.

To the TORRAS Ostand Spin


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