Anyone who wants to buy an electric car now has a relatively large selection on the market. But many models still lack range. A new battery technology could help here, as an electric car from China has a range of up to 1,000 kilometers.

Insufficient battery capacity is still a crucial problem in many electric car models. But new battery technology from China could now change that.

The manufacturer IM Motors has installed a battery with a considerable range in its L6 model. The electric car from China has a range of up to 1,000 kilometers with its 130 kWh battery.

What can the new electric car from China do?

The car manufacturer IM Motors has a battery with so-called semi-solid-state cells in its L6 model. It is therefore a semi-solid-state battery.

Not only the lithium ions already known from solid-state batteries are installed here. But the manufacturer does not disclose what else is included in the battery.

However, the mixture should be able to cover an enormous range. The battery of the L6 model can be charged for a range of 400 kilometers in just twelve minutes at a quick-charging station with a charging capacity of 400 kilowatts.

Super battery at a great price?

Despite the new battery technology with the amazing range, the L6 model from the manufacturer IM Motors is said to be available at a fairly affordable price. The standard model will come onto the market for the equivalent of only around 30,000 euros.

However, buyers have to make compromises when it comes to range. Because only the Lightyear Max version, which will be available for the equivalent of around 43,000 euros, is equipped with the new battery.

The standard version, however, comes with a 90 kWh battery, the high-performance version for around 39,000 euros comes with a 100 kWh battery.

Will the new electric car from China also be available in Germany?

It is not yet known whether the L6 model from the manufacturer IM Motors will also make it onto the German market. However, in this case, the prices of electric cars from China are likely to change again.

Because the prices known so far only apply to the Chinese market. Experience has shown that these models are significantly more expensive in Europe.

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