When it comes to public transport, things can quickly become confusing in a big city. In Berlin you will now be able to view real-time data for buses and trains in Apple's map app.

For many people, public transport in large cities is the preferred means of transport. But sometimes it can be difficult to keep track between the subway, S-Bahn, tram and bus.

Navigation apps such as Google Maps or Apple's map app can help you find the next stop or the best route. In the future, you can even track your public transport route in real time in the map app.

Map app: Apple introduces real-time data for buses and trains

Apps are practical helpers in local public transport. But since every provider now has its own app, things can quickly become confusing on your smartphone. It is more convenient to navigate in just one app.

For example, you can use Apple's map app on your iPhone. In the future, in addition to route planning, the app will also offer you real-time data for public transport.

To do this, start planning your route in Apple Maps as usual. In the overview you will then see the estimated duration of your trip as well as possible information about diversions or delays.

A green symbol next to the departure options, reminiscent of the WiFi sign, shows you that the app is retrieving real-time data. If you now tap on the green button labeled “Go” you will start the detailed route overview.

Once you have started the route guidance like this, you can see on the map where your train or bus is currently on the route. It should also be possible to be notified when you are getting closer to your destination and have to get out soon.

Is the function also coming to your city?

The new feature of Apple's map app is currently only available in Berlin. This makes Berlin the first city in Germany where this function is available.

It is not yet clear whether other German cities will be added in the future. However, you can use the feature when traveling, for example.

Because Apple has already made the real-time data in the map app available worldwide. In Europe you can use these in Prague or Madrid, for example.

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Source: https://www.basicthinking.de/blog/2024/03/19/echtzeitdaten-karten-app-apple/

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