What if you could understand every language? The translation tech company Timekettle makes this possible. The X1 AI Interpreter Hub promises to translate 40 languages ​​in 93 accents at the touch of a button – all without an app.

About Timekettle

Timekettle is an innovator in the translation market. In 2021, the company raised more than a million dollars for its purposes via the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. Fans and interested parties helped finance the next generation – the WT2 Edge. The ability to communicate instantly and in real time in any language is very popular in the niche.

No matter how much our society and technology advances, people will always eagerly seek connection with other people,” said Leal Tian, ​​founder and CEO of Timekettle.

Today Timekettle is known in North America, Europe, China, Japan and Korea. What separates them from the competition, says Tian, ​​is the interactivity of their products. More than just translation, the products should enable two-way communication.

The next step in translation tech

The hub works across two interfaces. The first interface is the headphones. BoostClean's VCN noise cancellation technology allows for interference-free conversation between multiple parties. The earbuds offer the convenience of being able to either actively participate in the conversation or listen to it (retroactively or simultaneously).


The hub itself, the actual translation station, is a relaxed everyday companion due to its size. If you take out the headphones, you can use the hub for translation on both sides. The device has a microphone and can be used as such by both parties. That's why it's an advantage that you can use the X1 as a portable translator and also as a translation headset.

Authentic communication instead of a translation device

Timekettle describes the hub as a “tailored experience” from “business meetings to social gatherings.” The aim is to simplify conversations across linguistic and cultural boundaries. The company emphasizes that the X1 is not a “translation device.” Rather, it should be seen as a means of authentic communication.

The main technology behind the Interpreter Hub – and what makes the product special – is bi-directional simultaneous interpreting. This allows the user to have active, flowing conversations.

Experiences with typical apps in which the text to be translated has to be laboriously entered and the conversation comes to a standstill are now a thing of the past. The X1 uses translation subnets, which are used both online and offline, to ensure the most accurate translation possible.

The Interpreter Hub allows interpreting up to 5 languages ​​between 20 participating people. The language change takes place seamlessly. The interaction between several hubs enables so-called “multi-way interpreting”. With a hub, conversations between two people can be interpreted in real time.

With three or more X1 parts, extensive multi-person functions are available, including the possibility of multilingual conference interpreting, as described above.

You can also use the X1 Hub to translate remotely. For example, you can interpret a telephone call with just two X1 devices.

World languages ​​in pocket size

The X1 AI Interpreter Hub is the unique and next step in translation tech. Portable, quick and customizable allows it conversations, not just translations. Timekettle plans to further develop its technology and make it available to a wide audience: from companies to travelers to educators, everyone should benefit from the simultaneous technology.

The hub is a brand new and first translation center that does not need to be connected to an app. In addition to the convenience of two-way simultaneous interpreting with translation headsets and a handheld translator, allowing 20 participants to interpret simultaneously in up to 5 languages ​​and voice call mode. Both are unique to Timekettle.

You can pre-order the hub now on the Timekettle website.

Here you come to the X1 AI Interpreter Hub

Source: https://www.basicthinking.de/blog/2024/03/20/x1-ai-interpreter-hub/

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