“Providing renewable energy when and where it is needed most” – and at the same time making energy storage a profitable business model, that is Suena's promise. The founders (from left to right): Miguel Wesselmann (CFO), Lennard Wilkening (CEO) and Tom Witter (CTO).

Hamburg's youngest unicorn 1Komma5° is definitely the largest, but certainly not the only greentech from the Hanseatic city. The startup Suena, founded in 2021 (like 1Komma5°), has developed software for automated and optimized energy trading – with the aim of making energy storage operations more sustainable and profitable. With its idea of ​​a trading-as-a-service platform, Suena raised seed financing of three million euros at the beginning of the year. The capital injection is intended to bring the company closer to its vision of being a “catalyst for the energy transition” across Europe.

The financing round was led by the Santander Inno Energy Climate Fund and the Smart Energy Innovation Fund from Energie 360. Existing investors EIT Inno Energy, one of the leading cleantech VCs in Europe, and Raakwark Kaptaal from Hamburg also participated in the round. Lead investor Santander highlighted the role of the technology in the profitable operation of battery storage systems and the development of previously unused grid flexibility. Overall, the investors emphasized the startup's potential to accelerate the energy transition by enabling economically optimized energy storage.

Optimization of energy trading

Suena is designed to make optimal use of the battery storage systems that are central to the regular use of renewable energies based on AI-driven forecast models. This promises both ecological and economic advantages: The trading-as-a-service platform processes large amounts of data and optimizes energy trading in real time and fully automatically. The founders therefore speak of the Suena autopilot. On the one hand, it is intended to minimize the risk of energy shortages and, on the other hand, to maximize financial returns – and thus make the battery storage system a “profitable business case,” as the pitch deck states. The company is aimed at owners of energy storage systems and renewable energy systems.

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“Large-scale energy storage capacities and their efficient use are a crucial part of the energy transition,” says CEO Lennard Wilkening, who founded the company in Hamburg at the end of 2021 together with Miguel Wesselmann and Tom Witter. Suena's modular software design should also enable rapid adaptation to new market designs and regulations. The company plans to invest the three million in expanding its team, developing its services and launching in Europe.

Check out the Suena pitch deck here, with which the startup managed to convince investors. You can find more pitch decks here.


Source: https://www.businessinsider.de/gruenderszene/business/hamburger-greentech-suena-bekam-millionen-mit-diesem-pitchdeck/

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