Apple has introduced a new AI system for iPhone, iPad and Mac. We explain what Apple Intelligence is and when you can expect it to launch in Germany.

Apple has introduced its new AI system, which will run on iPhone, iPad and Mac in the future. The US company itself describes Apple Intelligence as “the personal intelligent system for iPhone, iPad and Mac”.

What is Apple Intelligence?

Apple Intelligence combines “the power of generative models with personal context,” making the AI ​​system “incredibly helpful and relevant” for all users.

It uses the “full power of Apple chips” to understand and generate language and images, perform actions in apps, and simplify and speed up everyday tasks with personal context.

The iPhone company is relying on private cloud computing to enable “a new standard for data protection in AI.”

The AI ​​system brings these innovations to your iPhone

With the introduction of Apple Intelligence, the company wants to make writing on iPhone, iPad and Mac more effective. The new system-wide writing tools are integrated into Mail, Notes, Pages and apps from other providers.

This allows users to have text rephrased, proofread, or summarized wherever they write it. Apple Intelligence with Rewrite offers different versions to choose from.

Proofread, on the other hand, first checks grammar, word choice and sentence structure and then makes suggestions for improvement. The Summarize feature summarizes texts and outputs them as a list of the most important points, a table or a list, among other things.

AI prioritizes emails in your inbox

Apple's Mail app is also getting an update. The Priority Messages feature summarizes the most important and urgent emails at the top of the inbox.

The display of messages can be changed from the previously available preview to a summary. Users then no longer have to open the emails to get an overview.

Apple also wants to make replying faster. The Smart Reply feature provides suggestions for a quick reply. The function recognizes questions in emails and answers them.

Apple Intelligence summarizes group chats

Apple is also bringing priority notifications to iPhone, iPad and Mac for messages. Long or stacked messages can be skimmed through more quickly.

For example, the most important information is summarized when a group chat is particularly active. In such a case, the new Reduce Interruptions focus can filter out the messages that require immediate attention.

Siri will be able to do more in the future

Apple's voice assistant Siri will also receive “more comprehensive language understanding capabilities” as part of the new features. Siri will be able to act in a “more natural, relevant and personal” way in the future in order to simplify everyday tasks and complete them more quickly.

To this end, Apple is also integrating ChatGPT into its new AI system. Users can access OpenAI's AI model via Siri and the Writing Tools, among other things.

Apple emphasizes data protection at Apple Intelligence

Given the large amount of private data required to use Apple Intelligence, Apple places particular emphasis on protecting privacy. According to the company, it uses a “new standard for data protection in AI.”

A key building block of Apple Intelligence is on-device processing, and many of the underlying models run entirely on the device.

If the queries are too complex and require more computing power, Apple Intelligence accesses private cloud compute. This allows Apple Intelligence to flexibly adjust the computing capacity and also access server-based models.

According to the iPhone company, these servers are based on Apple chips. This allows Apple to ensure “that data is never stored or made accessible.”

What about the availability of Apple Intelligence?

Apple Intelligence will be available free of charge to all users who have an iPhone 15 Pro, iPhone 15 Pro Max, and iPad and Mac with M1 chip or later.

The iPhone company plans to make a first beta version available in the fall. This will be part of the updates to iOS 18, iPadOS 18 and macOS Sequoia. However, initially only users who have set their device language to English (US) will have access to the new features.

Over the course of the coming year, Apple plans to add more features. Apple also plans to add more languages, which could mean a launch in Germany.

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